Posture Correction

Posture Correction

A good posture is always important for your overall health where it helps to work efficiently and make you feel less tired. Physiotherapy can deliver outstanding results if you have bad posture. Physiotherapy for Posture Correction includes Manual therapy, massage, education, training, joint mobilization, muscle stimulation, posture correction exercises.

Our physiotherapist can opt for any of the methods to correct bad posture. Since our inception, Anodyne Spine’s Physiotherapists have been helping people to improve their posture through posture correction programs, exercises, and physiotherapy. We are the Best Physiotherapy Clinic for posture correction in Delhi.World-class facilities & treatment care for patients make us the BEST. We are helping you to get that perfect posture you’ve always wanted. Our posture correction therapy helping people including men and women. Services we offer:

  • Posture Correction for Women
  • Posture Correction for Men

Spine Curvature

Spinal Cord is properly aligned in the form of an ‘S’ shape. It’s worth noting that with the passage of time-poor posture can lead to change in shape, and put excessive pressure on the spine, if in the wrong position. Maintaining a healthy spine is crucial for better health and well-being, it controls movement such as bending and twisting. Our expert physiotherapy professionals will help you a lot by providing stretches for posture correction. The exercises we guide you strengthen your back and core muscles in order to improve your posture.

Back Pain

People often feel back pain problems because of unwanted strain on their lower and upper back. Poor posture is the prime reason for this where slouched posture can put pressure on the discs that protect the vertebrae from rubbing together. In addition, it can put pressure on your shoulder blades resulting in the flattening of your back muscles. If you don’t sit properly then you can have pain below your neck or around your tailbone. Our back pain specialists will be using the best ways of physiotherapy posture correction to provide better care and relief.
Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck Pain and Headache are also common due to poor posture. The tightness of muscles can lead to tension in headaches.

Interrupted Sleep

Poor posture can also cause loss of sleep. This can put bad effects on your body’s entire system, and unable to keep you in relaxation mode.

Disturbed Digestion

There could be chances of having digestive issues due to the BAD POSTURE, it can lead a slow digestive process which further can cause stomach issues.

Common Cause of Poor Posture

People may have Bad Posture due to several reasons. Let’s have a quick overview of the Common Causes of Poor Posture.

Pain or Past Injuries:- You can have poor posture due to pain in your back or neck muscles. In order to combat such pains you need to adopt different postures when this occurs for a longer period of time then it may cause poor posture.

Low Nutritional Value:- Sometimes, if we don’t take the adequate amount of nutrition then it can impact the spine and back. Low nutrition and lack of vitamins and calcium can severely affect the bones and muscles resulting in unable to grow strong and straight.

Hereditary:- It’s another important cause of poor posture, if your family has a history of a bent back then there are chances of having Poor Posture. To rectify this professional help.

Weight Gain:- You can have poor posture problems like lower back pulled forward.

Nature of Job:- Hunched back is possible because the neck and head are in forwarding position, and shoulders get hunched. This will make it impossible to keep the spine straight and result in poor posture.

Posture Correction Exercises

Our physiotherapy specialists will guide you about posture correction exercises that would be suitable according to your problems. We do through examination of your concerns, and provide exercise sessions with the best way to perform. We conduct posture correction therapy wherever necessary.

We Do the Following Physiotherapy Practices:

    • Assessment and Diagnosis
    • Postural Taping
    • Postural Education and Training
    • Stretches for Posture Correction
    • Posture Correction Exercises
    • Manual Therapy and Soft Tissue Massage
    • Joint Mobilisation


Anodyne Spine Clinic OFFERS physiotherapy services for your neck, back, spine-related pain, sciatica, disc bulge, and posture correction. We are helping people to overcome bad posture problems. Our certified and experienced physiotherapists work hard to provide you better pre & post-treatment care. Book An Appointment with Our Top Physio. We offer you services – like manual therapy, joint manipulation, training, soft tissue mobilization. Since we have treated thousands of patients through our physiotherapy posture correction therapy. We are the best clinic for posture correction in Delhi. Contact Us if you have posture problems.

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