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About Us

Anodyne Spine is the foremost Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi & NCR, recognized for an array of non-surgical treatment for back, neck, knee & spine related problems. A cluster of top-notch physiotherapists strives to deliver world-class services by means of cutting-edge technology & research-based techniques. Our physiotherapy specialists possess the advanced clinical skills & knowledge and are progressively contributing in this profession by their innovation, leadership, and research; We abide by core principles of healthcare services while ensuring the well-being of patients by customized treatment.

Our Spinal physiotherapy covers manual therapy, specific general exercises & clinically approved sustainable solutions to restore the normal functioning of neck, back, shoulder, knee, and other body parts. We’ve treated thousands of patients with non-surgical integrated physiotherapy treatment who are living a healthy & pain-free life without any hassle.


Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Anodyne Spine facilitates soft tissue mobilization to restore the normal functioning of injured muscles and tissues. Our team of physiotherapy specialists performs the STM by using result-oriented hands-on techniques to treat soft tissue injuries. We carry out a series of examinations, tests, and diagnoses before proceeding further in treatment. Our core objective is to ensure the well-being & fitness of patients by reducing the swelling and restoring the function of affected body parts.

We use a few techniques to restore the normal functioning, which includes – sustained pressure, unlocking spiral, direct oscillation, friction massage, parallel and perpendicular mobilization. We are equipped with modern healthcare facilities to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries.

Chiropractic Care

A team of experienced chiropractors healthcare professionals is always engaged assiduously to deal with musculoskeletal problems. We are recognized for safe and effective chiropractic care services to provide physical relief & healing for various health concerns, including pain in the neck, legs, back, arms, and headaches. The treatment is purely based on hands-on spinal manipulation and other sorts of treatment alternatives for early recovery.

Since our inception, we’ve treated many patients suffering from acute lower back pain & helped them to live a pain-free active life. Our chiropractors possess practical exposure & in-depth knowledge to perform chiropractic care. We also provide nutritional counseling and exercise/rehabilitation as an essential part of our treatment plan. Anodyne Spine Fitlife Clinic is well equipped with modern healthcare facilities for lab tests or diagnosis.

Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

Our specialization in joint mobilization & manipulation treatment stays us ahead in the physiotherapy arena. We use best manual therapy practices & our physiotherapists strive to deliver result-oriented consultations and treatment for immediate pain relief and improved mobility.

Myofascial Release Technique

We own expertise in safe & result-oriented hands-on techniques so-called myofascial release techniques to pain and restore the normal range of motion. This technique is beneficial to provide relief from chronic headache & back pain.

Ergonomic Training Classes

We provide Corporate & workplace ergonomics training to ensure better health of workers and staff members. We provide consultations, and safety instructions to prevent musculoskeletal injuries as well as improving productivity and performance.

Dr Hitesh khurana

Chiropractor, Ergonomic Expert and Senior Physiotherpist.Expert in spine Cases, Estoeic in posture correction.

A team of dedicated physiotherapists led by eminent physio Dr Hitesh Khurana, HOD, Khurana Physiotherapy Clinic providing excellent services in …

Dr Shaveta Khurana

Chief physiotherapist Anodyne spine and fitlife clinic.

Specialized in spinal Manipulation
Expert in Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Manipulation.

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Arun Mishra

It was a wonderful experience with Dr. Khurana and his team. Actually, I was suffering from back pain from the last 1 year and not very comfortable while driving. Finally I met with Dr. khurana's team and these guys are really awesome

Mithilesh Yadav

Thanks to Anodynespine!! Few days back my mom was suffering from severe knee pain and then I called Dr. khurana's team for home physiotherapy session. And I couldn't believe after taking 3 week Home-session from their professional physiotherapist, she's perfectly fine

Shubham Mishra

I don't know how to say thanks to this professional team. Just few days back, I got hand injury while playing cricket match and I thought - "Now I would not be able to play rest of the tournament". But really thanks to Dr. Khurana's team because "Tomorrow is my final match of the tournament and I'm perfectly fine"

Abhishek Chandel

Thanks to Anodynespine!! Few days back my mom was suffering from severe knee pain and then I called Dr. khurana's team for home physiotherapy session. And I couldn't believe after taking 3 week Home-session from their professional physiotherapist, she's perfectly fine

January 3, 2020
Aditya Saxena

I have been taking services from Dr. Khurana and the results are really awesome. I would highly recommend Dr. Khurana and his team for any physio related services.
-Aditya Saxena (Digital Marketing Expert)-


I really appreciate your daily assistance, as from the last three months I was facing a lot of physical health issues and now I'm perfectly fine. I just want to say thanks to Dr. Khurana.
-Rashika (Marketing Manager)-


Just a few days back I book an appointment with Dr. Khurana after seeing positive reviews and ratings on him. And after personally meeting with him, I can say he's a perfect definition of a Gentleman. -Mukul (Professor)-

January 3, 2020
Suresh Mansharamani

I have been suffering from old aged back pain. Fortunately, I thank It's the best place for Physiotherapy. Very well trained staff. The best thing is it's clean and they maintain hygiene. I had severe lower back pain and it was gone in just 3 visits. Highly recommended.
-Suresh Mansharamani - (Tedx Speaker)-


I have been suffering from old aged back pain. Fortunately, I thank my staff that I came to know about Dr. Hitesh, he surely has a magic wand in his rapture. I couple of visits he and his lovely team made me up and running. Please visit his clinic and take full advantage of his professional excellence.

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