Our Story

Anodyne Spine is the foremost Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi & NCR, recognized for an array of non-surgical treatment for back, neck, knee & spine related problems. A cluster of top-notch physiotherapists strives to deliver world-class services by means of cutting-edge technology & research-based techniques.
Our physiotherapy specialists possess the advanced clinical skills & knowledge and are progressively contributing in this profession by their innovation, leadership, and research; We abide by core principles of healthcare services while ensuring the well-being of patients by customized treatment.

Our Spinal physiotherapy covers manual therapy, specific general exercises & clinically approved sustainable solutions to restore the normal functioning of neck, back, shoulder, knee, and other body parts. We’ve treated thousands of patients with non-surgical integrated physiotherapy treatment who are living a healthy & pain-free life without any hassle.


To deliver a quality care with compassion. We believe in giving the best treatment to our customers with full compassion and care. We are an expert team of devoted physiotherapist, which is led by Dr Hitesh Khurana, HOD. As from the last 13 years we have already served more than 10000 patients and provided them the best treatment with the help of our professional team of helpers and healers. Our main mission is to provide you a painless life with enhanced body movement and ability.

Dr. Hitesh Khurana is leading the team and provides excellent services in the field of pain management, spine-related pain and injuries, sports injuries, and rehabilitation. We are loved and trusted by our patients, and have been industry leaders in our proximity. At our Physiotherapy clinic we provide e specialized care to people suffering body pains and physiological disorders where our physiotherapists diagnose physical disorders, malfunctioning in the body and pain caused due to trauma or diseases. Our main approach is to give you a painless life by giving you surgery-less and drug-less treatment. Our diagnosis methods are aimed at providing maximum mobility and ability to patients and minimize the pain they suffer from, in their body, muscles and mind. We also provide Physiotherapy Services in the comfort of your home. You can also book it online and feel the best experience of relief at the comfort of your home.

Khurana Physiotherapy

Khurana Physiotherapy provides specialized care to people suffering from body pains and various physiological disorders like Arthritis, Slip Disc, Muscular Pain, Neck Pain, Paralysis, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder Injury etc. Our physiotherapists diagnose physical disorders, body malfunctioning, pain caused due to trauma or diseases etc. using physical agents like mobilization methods, exercises, mechanical & electrotherapy, and manipulations.

Electro diagnostic testing and laboratory imaging studies are done to have a holistic approach to the diagnosis and to prevent the further occurrence of the ailments.