Coccyx Pain, Coccydynia or Tail Bone Pain

Coccyx is also known as the tailbone that’s located at the bottom of the spine. Coccydynia is the pain at the bottom of the spine, and it’s caused by activities that can put pressure on the bottom of the spine, OR sometimes bruised or fractured. It’s uncomfortable and unbearable at worst. We at Anodyne Spine Clinic offer you BEST Coccyx Pain Treatment. Our Experienced and Qualified Best Coccyx Pain Physio and Spine Specialists strive to deliver the BEST RESULTS by the use of advanced technology, physiotherapy practices and expertise.

What is the Tailbone/Coccyx?

Coccyx is also known as tailbone is made up of three or five fused vertebrae (bones), and it lies beneath the sacrum. Many ligaments, tendons, and muscles are connected to it. Coccyx and ischial tuberosities serve a special purpose where it bears your weight when you sit down. Coccyx curves a bit but too much curve is abnormal, therefore it’s very painful. Better treatment care can produce the intended results including Coccydynia Relief to a GREATER DEGREE.

Symptoms and Signs of Coccydynia

Following are the symptoms of tailbone pain (coccydynia) that will include:

  • Piercing pain the tailbone
  • Intense pain during position changing- sitting to standing up
  • Intense pain when sitting for a long period of time
  • Pain during the bowel movements
  • Pain during sex

If you observe the above-mentioned symptoms then there are chances of having Coccydynia, so don’t ignore it. Visit Us, our Best Tail Bone Physio in India will help you to get rid of coccydynia pain and all kinds of joint and muscle pain.

Coccydynia Treatment / Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy experts offer you premium physiotherapy services including Coccydynia Treatment. Our team of physiotherapy experts does the complete physical examination for coccyx pain including- check local tenderness. We check the tenderness and swelling around the coccyx. Palpation will be beneficial to identify the bone spurs, cysts or tumors.

Our physiotherapy will include different options including – different types of Tailbone Pain exercises and therapies. After a complete examination of your problem, we prepare the session plans including- what to do or don’t.

All these are prepared by experienced and qualified physiotherapy professionals who understand what will suit your needs and goals. The Coccydynia Treatment will include the following:

  • Exercise Programmes
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Soft Tissue Treatment
  • Postural Realignment

We guide you through all stage of treatment including – pre and post. Our physiotherapy professionals help you to perform the BEST PHYSIOTHERAPY EXERCISES so as to relieve tailbone pain.


Anodyne Spine Clinic is the Best Coccydynia Physiotherapy Clinic IN DELHI/ NCR equipped with advanced facilities for the treatment. The Clinic was established with a mission to provide you spine injury treatment and rehabilitation. We offer services to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, and helping thousands of patients across the country to live a pain-free life. We truly believe that exercises play a significant role in solving many problems.

We have been providing treatment care for acute, sub-acute and other sorts of chronic problems. We also possess a team of highly trained/experienced and qualified physiotherapists who ensure the faster recovery of the patients. If you’re looking for the best coccyx pain physio near me then we can be the BEST CHOICE for you. Our Best Coccyx Pain Physio in Delhi NCR are known for their excellent treatment care.

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