We’re always ready to spread awareness about physiotherapy among the group of working professionals. We understand that lack of knowledge about sitting, standing and working positions may impact on your body posture, and can generate severe health problems. A group of talented physiotherapists (PT ) in anodynespine offers valuable consultation, and make you aware through training sessions conducted at workplaces. An appropriate training program can change the way of working, improve the health and wellbeing of workers. This also reduces accidents and sickness and enhances the productivity of your business. Our sole objective is to keep employees fit at work.

In our Physiotherapy Training Session, we try to cover the major points:-

  • Analysis of job task provided to employees
  • Working style of employees
  • Advice them to improve their work performance by the help of physiotherapy
  • Workplace assessment
  • Suggestion, prevention, and cure of work-relevant injuries.
  • Listen to problems of employee-related to physiotherapy
  • Recommends exercises for neck, chest, back, leg pain
  • All spine and knee-related problems

Our physiotherapists can bring significant changes to your office members & staff well-being. Our Ergonomic training classes are a one-stop solution in case you have health problems while working.

Prolonged standing, sitting or working in the wrong posture may lead to several health concerns including sore feet, muscular fatigue, numbness, repetitive strain injury, low back pain, eyes strain, neck and shoulder pain etc. Our team of physiotherapists in Delhi possesses the great experience in ergonomic assessment.

We understand the importance of ergonomics within the workplace, as this helps in preventing injury while working or reduces the adverse effects on later stages of life. Our advanced ergonomic training program is composed of necessary key elements to enhance the office work lifestyle.

What We Do ?

We conduct advanced ergonomics training and perform workplace assessments in order to ensure health and safety regulations. All the ergonomic assessment is accomplished by an experienced & professional physiotherapist. While doing so we take note & consult the office staff, and owners to adopt a perfect working environment. We take participation in different ergonomics training centers & seminars to consult and guide industry professionals, workers, and owners. So as to implement the perfect ergonomic approaches and methods.

Benefits of Ergonomic Training Classes

For working professionals, ergonomic can play a vital role in the following scenario.

  • It reduces the chances of leaves
  • The confidence and productivity of employees increases due to the adoption of appropriate approaches
  • Prevent from the injuries and accidents
  • Save unnecessary expenditure

Ergonomic Assessment Include

A specialized team of physiotherapists ensures what to do and don’t while working & what should be applicable to create an ergonomic workplace. So while doing the assessment we cover the following key areas:

  • Analysis of staff members duties & job activities
  • Take a note on – lifting, bending, sitting, movements, etc.
  • Inspection of the desk area
  • Assessment of machinery, tools and types of equipment & their appropriate handling
  • Posture while working or accomplishing a certain task
  • Chair Position & its height in case of working with a computer or sitting.

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