Cervical Spine Pain

Cervical Spine Pain

Cervical spine plays a vital role in supporting and mobility for the head. The cervical spine contains seven bones (C1-C7 vertebrae) & a powerful network of nerves, joints and muscles. People may experience Cervical spine pain at any point of time and needs to be addressed as early as possible. Ligaments, muscles, and tendons allow stabilization and movement of the cervical spine, but to overuse or overextension soft tissues can be strained or sprained.

Normally cervical spine pain goes away within a few days but in some cases, it remains for a longer period of time. This further may cause pain in the head, arm, shoulder and/or hand. So don’t ignore it, and consult with our Physiotherapist & Spine Specialists for cervical spine pain relief. We take care of our patients & perform comprehensive diagnosis and treatments. Our team of certified spine physiotherapist asks about the history and symptoms along with the physical examination of patients, just to find out the root cause of the problem.

Cervical spine problems can often be treated without surgery. Our physiotherapy specialists prefer the non-surgical approach to bring the patient’s condition to a normal state. A range of cervical spine pain exercises can help patients to recover as early as possible by relieving stiffness and pain. Book your Appointment Online or Call us for cervical spine pain treatment.

Cervical spine pain causes may include several reasons – poor posture, injury, diseases like arthritis. There are maximum chances of degeneration of the bones, sometimes disc herniation or bone spurs occur. Severe neck injury by any means can also be the primary cause of cervical spine pain. Here it’s possible to have – blood vessel destruction, whiplash, disc herniation, permanent paralysis, etc.

Cervical Spine Pain Symptoms

Patients may experience the following symptoms if they have cervical spine pain. Generally, it’s caused by disc degeneration, arthritis, or by narrowing of the spinal canal. Now let’s have a quick overview of these symptoms: –

  • Pain in the head, arm, shoulder, and/or hand
  • Numbness and weakness in the head, arm, or upper extremities.
  • Muscle spasms problems in the legs
  • Coordination issue in the parts like – hands, finger, and arms
  • Loss of dexterity of hands

When to Contact Us

You may consult with our physiotherapist / neck pain specialist if you have the following symptoms:

  • Neck pain after injury
  • Fever with neck pain
  • Stiffness in neck & inability to touch – chin to chest
  • Pain or tingling that radiates into the arm(s)
  • Increased numbness and weakness in different parts of the body like – arms/or legs
  • You need special medical attention as delaying may cause potential harm. You can consult with our neck specialist doctor in Delhi. We can offer you an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.

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