Joint Manipulation


Joint manipulation

A joint manipulation is a controlled and quick force to the joint to enable better movement, increase in motion and reduction in pain. Joint manipulation is associated with the ‘pop’ or ‘click’ sound when this therapy uses its quick force at an aimed joint in order to align it movement. It is a passive movement of a skeletal joint using high velocity low amplitude thrusting manoeuvres. Manipulation and joint mobilization help in relief of musculoskeletal pain, unlock joints like stiff neck or acute back pain and sprains and help to improve joint’s range of motion.

What are the benefits of Joint Manipulation:

  • It helps in Relief of musculature pain.
  • Unlock the various joints and helps to circulate the blood.
  • Increase the efficiency and ease of delivery.
  • This technique is generally used by sportsmen.
  • Helps to improve all types of pain.

Why Anodyne Spine for Joint Manipulation

Anodyne Spine is globally acclaimed for its exclusive range of services for joint manipulation. Our team of physiotherapists uses modern practices to reduce the pain and increase the ROM. We understand the concerns of our patients therefore after careful examination and diagnosis we conduct the joint manipulation techniques.

Our joint manipulation physiotherapist fetches the necessary information and finds out the exact causes of joint dysfunction. It could be by several means including – injury, accident, natural deterioration, underused and overuse of joints. We also facilitate the spinal manipulation done by the eminent chiropractors, osteopathic physicians.

We strive to bring our patients’ health to normal and ensure early recovery. Since our inception, we have treated thousands of patients & they experience complete satisfaction with our Joint Manipulation techniques. We take care of your health and well-being.

Among the types of joint manipulation, we use the appropriate pain relief techniques after the complete examination and test.

Benefits of Joint Manipulation

Our patients appreciate our joint manipulation techniques to treat different intensities of joint problems. We have shown efficacy to provide long-term relief and diminish chronic symptoms. Following are the number of benefits of joint manipulation which you can get after treatment with Anodyne Spine Clinic:

  • Relieves Pain
  • Unlocks Joints
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Reduces Medication Dependency
  • Alternative to Surgery

Physiotherapist Clinic in Delhi For Joint Manipulation

By using advanced joint manipulation techniques aim to restore your joints as early as possible. Our physiotherapists and chiropractors can recommend you for joint manipulation in case of back pain and neck joint stiffness.

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