Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is one of the popular therapeutic taping techniques that helps in reducing pain in muscle, ligaments and joints. Kinesiology Taping (KT) is widely used in the treatment of Sports Injuries, however, it’s also used for other conditions.  Anodyne Spine Clinic’s physiotherapy experts help you to recover from sports injuries through the Kinesio Taping Treatment. We use KT TAPE for Lower Back, knee, tennis elbow, upper back, ankle sprain, hand sprain, and foot pain. It’s wonderful and result-oriented.  

KT TAPE is basically applied above the injured muscles, which causes skin convolutions and helps in lifting the skin. The interstitial pressure will reduce & more interstitial space will be created, which further encourage the regeneration of injured tissues. It also helps in reducing the pain to a greater degree where it facilitates lymphatic drainage. 

Kinesio Taping Benefits

In the physiotherapy world – Kinesio Taping Method is being used for SPORTS INJURY TREATMENT. This can be used in hundreds of ways to reduce pain and inflammation, and excellent to aid the body’s natural healing process. It can prevent injury, enhance circulation, and optimize performance.

KT Tape Treatment is better known for allowing blood flow and lymphatic fluid. And without the use of medication and surgery, it helps to heal the inflammation faster. KT Tape is beneficial for the purpose mentioned below:

  • Reduce the Muscle Fatigue
  • Improve the Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reduce the Muscle Pain and Soreness
  • Increase the Circulation in Injured Area
  • Enhance Faster Healing
  • Reduce  Oedema

Kinesio Taping for Conditions

Kinesio Taping Treatment is beneficial for conditions like – Plantar fasciitis, Muscle injuries, Tennis/Golfers elbow, Ankle sprain, Knee pain, and Herniated disc. After closely examining your sports injury, our team of BEST PHYSIOTHERAPISTS IN SOUTH DELHI will determine to go with  KT Tape Treatment. 

Different Types of Application

Kinesio Tape can be used in different shapes including –  ‘X’, Y’, ‘I’, ‘Fan’, ‘Web’ or ‘Donut’. The selection of shapes depends on different factors – like size of the injured muscle. It will be further helpful to get an early recovery. Our Kinesiology Taping (KT) Experts will examine your injury & decide what to do.

Anodyne Spine – Best Clinic  for Kinesio Taping

Anodyne Spine is the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in South Delhi offering you world-class treatment and known for helping people to live a better quality of life. Since our inception, we’ve treated thousands of patients across the country, and our specialization in Spine Cases stands out from the crowd. We are focused to use advanced technology & modern physiotherapy practices to ensure the well-being of our patients. Primarily we take advantage of surgery-less and drugless treatment.  

We take advantage of exercises, mobilization methods, mechanical and electropathy manipulation. We work hard to deliver the best results & early recovery. We treat different conditions like- neck pain, back pain, Joint Pain, Frozen shoulder, Sports Injuries, Spine Alignment, Sciatica, and many more. We are helping our patients to live a normal healthy life again. We have expertise in Kinesio Taping as well and offer you services in Kinesiology Tape Foot Pain, kt tape hand sprain, kt tape lower back, kt tape tennis elbow, etc. To arrange the assessment please feel free to contact us or Book An Appointment Online.

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