Top 10 Tips For Choosing Best sports physiotherapist in Delhi


Sometimes common sports injuries could be avoided, but not every time. If you’re a sports person or an athlete, then it’s certain that anytime you might suffer from a sports injury or illness. In such an awkward situation, the best sports therapist or doctor would be required to make you fit as soon as possible. 
But the question that comes into the mind, How? Here, we’re going to tell you 10 best tips to choose the best sports physiotherapist and physiotherapist in Delhi for sports injuries.
Before moving ahead, let’s understand a few concepts in the context of sports injuries therapy.

What are Common Sports Injuries?

While playing football, running, swimming, jumping or performing any sports activity, you may encounter with the most common types of sports injuries including – groin pull, ankle sprain, knee injury, shoulder stretch, hamstring strain, swollen muscles, Achilles tendon rupture, bones fracture, shin splints, dislocation, etc. The severity of pain may be acute to high, which could hamper the performance of sports persons.
In the healthcare system, there are sundry of treatment options available for these common sports injuries. But sports injuries therapy is the best way to get early recovery. World’s best sports therapists use the best practices to make you fit and join your favorite sports very soon.

Sports Injuries Therapy

To treat a sports injury – physiotherapists examine different parameters. Primirality it all depends upon the several factors such as the severity of the injury and affected body part such as back, leg, broken arm, broken ankle, head, etc.

In the context of sports injuries therapy treatment plans, physiotherapists follow the PRICE method for acute / mild injuries. Where these include :

Protection: –  It’s prime to protect the affected area from being injured again, and for this, perfect support is needed.

Rest :- To take rest during the injury is very important, as this allows the body to heal wounds quickly and keep you free from the stress. Therefore sports physiotherapists recommend avoiding – exercises and reducing daily physical activity. Here a patient may use the crutches or walking sticks to avoid the excessive pressure on the ankle or knee. A sling for a shoulder injury can be much efficacious.

Ice:– This will be very effective to provide you relief, the physiotherapists may recommend a 10-20 minute ice span for every three to four hours. To prevent the Ice burn, it would be better to take the benefit of a towel.

Compression: –  In case of preventing further swelling, elastic compression bandages are quite effective.

Elevation:- This technique is also a key result provider, where it helps to reduce the swelling. Here it’s advised to keep the injured body part above the heart’s level.

Best Tips for Selecting Best Sports Therapists

Now let’s understand what we should check before opting for the best sports physiotherapist for our sports injury. Choosing a physiotherapist is not an easy task, it might be quite challenging and difficult one. As we see, there are various types of healthcare professionals having their own specialization and expertise, So as physiotherapists also. To find a perfect physiotherapist for your health concerns, you will have to do some groundwork. Here we’ll explore a few tips which you must take care of while visiting or selecting a physiotherapist clinic. 

Qualification & Certification

Just as we take care of the qualifications of other health professionals, we must know that qualification of physiotherapist. We must ensure that the particular physiotherapist is well qualified and competent for the treatment of sports injury. You must all do it before visiting a physiotherapist clinic. A certified physiotherapist is a guarantee of success, therefore it’s also important to check the same.


Experience is an essential key element that we cannot ignore. An experienced physiotherapist can easily find out the root cause of a problem and well-versed with the latest diagnosis, and treatment plan. Moreover, their suggestion and consultation are worthwhile as they have been involved in this profession for a long time. They know the pros and cons of a particular exercise, physical therapy treatments, medication, etc.

It’s good to know that they can play a vital role in improving the health of people, their well-being, and quality of life. 

Types of Approaches / Treatment Ways/ Therapy

The appropriate treatment is necessary to treat your sports injury, and the physiotherapist may recommend the suitable depending upon symptoms & types of injury. Physiotherapists use acupuncture, reflexology, massage, soft tissue mobilization, manual therapy or hydrotherapy, etc. Again, if you’re planning to take physical therapy at physiotherapist clinic, it is necessary to know what kind of treatment methods they would recommend for your conditions.


It’s worth noting to find out the specialization and key expertise in the field of physiotherapy. We must know whether they are spine-related pain physio, neck, back pain physio, sports physiotherapist, pregnancy physio, or women’s physio.


We must ensure the level of services they provide – as it contributes to a patient’s early recovery and allows them to go back to active sports life. If the physiotherapy services are poor, then it may lead to further complications or ill-treatment. Which is not good for sports persons. 

Support /Consultations

We must also ensure the frequency and accessibility of support either in terms of consultation or any sort of service. The physiotherapist and its clinic must be well-known for its exclusive range of supports and services. It would be better 24*7 support, in case of emergency as well. The best physiotherapist clinic must be well-equipped to carry out seamless support and consultation.


It would be better if patients get quick and hassle-free appointments. 

Proven Track Record

The sports physiotherapist must have a proven track record in the treatment of different types of sports injuries.


A cost-effective healthcare service always matters; it always helps new sports persons & low-income group peoples.

Advanced Facility

The clinic must be facilitated with cutting-edge medical equipment, tools, and technology. There should be facilities for the comprehensive examination, test, and diagnosis of the injury. CT Scan, X-rays, ultrasound and pathology lab must be there in a physiotherapy clinic.

Why Anodyne Spine for Common Sports Injury?

Anodyne Spine is a bunch of physiotherapists led by Dr. Khurana – the best physiotherapist in Delhi, who has vast experience in the treatment of common sports injury, spinal related problems, neck, back, leg, and shoulder pains. Our physiotherapy clinic is well-recognized for world-class physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment approach. We have a proven track record of dealing with all sorts of sports injury i.e acute to severe. 

In a quick span of time, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy physiotherapy clinic in Delhi/NCR. An eminent group of best sports therapists will help you to recover from any sorts of common sports injuries.

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