What is The Neck Pain Treatment, Causes and Exercise ?


You sometimes feel neck pain, and to get rid of this you use several types of medicine and remedies. However, a few one are efficacious and few not. Here we are going to tell you about neck pain treatments, causes, and exercises.

Physiotherapy for neck pain relief is one of the best types of treatment for early or long-lasting neck pain. Where physical therapy is quite effective for strengthening and stretching the neck. There are certain sorts of methods and neck pain exercises that are recommended by the world’s top notch physiotherapists. Neck pain relief therapy is quite effective for early recovery from the pain. While going through this process there are several treatment plans which can vary from person to person.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can occur by several means and reasons which may include poor posture, osteoarthritis, neck strain, degenerative disc disease etc. However, there could be other causes such as neck strain, neck injury and pinched nerve. Some viral infections may lead to neck pain where the lymph node swells. However, there are certainly other causes such as tuberculosis, infection of the spine bones, and meningitis, etc.

Let’s have a short list of the causes of neck pain

  • Neck Strain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Polymyalgia rheumatica
  • Pinched nerve
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated disc
  • Some sort of viral infection

Symptoms Associated With Neck Pain

Numbness, tenderness, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, lymph node swelling etc. are the following symptoms which are associated with neck pain. However, there are certain other symptoms including facial and shoulder pain.

Neck Pain Diagnosis

The doctor / physiotherapist will closely examine the neck, and if any sort of injury occurs. He may ask for medical history, and can check whether there is any numbness, muscle weakness, or tenderness. Here, it’s worth noting that he will examine the neck movement forward and backward, and also side by side.  

Moreover,  there are certain types of tests associated with this condition which can be X-rays, CT Scan, MRI etc. Apart from this, there are certain other types of test associated with this which are Electromyography (EMG) and Blood Tests.

Neck Pain Treatments

After the complete examination and based on the test results, the doctor may allow following certain types of treatments for neck pain. Where this includes physiotherapy for neck pain – and ice and heat therapy. pain medication, exercises, neck collar treatment, corticosteroid injections etc.

Physiotherapy Neck Pain Exercises

There are various types of physical exercises which can be effective to ease the stiffness and pain. If the neck is under too much rest then it might be harder to get moving again. Don’t exercise if you feel an extremely high intensity of pain or weakness in hands or arms. Neck pain therapy provides some sort of  neck pain exercises.

Neck Tilt:- It would be better to sit in a perfect position, and just tilt your head downward, and let your chin touch the chest. It will be more effective if you hold for 5 seconds, just repeat the same exercise 5 times in a day.

Neck Tilt (Side by Side): – Now just tilt your head down in the direction of the shoulder, and let gently tense the muscles for 5 seconds and 5 times. You must remember that it must be repeated to the opposite side also.

Neck Stretch:-  It’s quite effective exercise for the neck injury. Here the first thing that we must follow is to keep the body in the straight position and let push the chin forward so that the throat is in stretched mode. For 5 seconds just softly tense the muscles of the neck. We must do the forward and backward stretch just five times in a day.

Neck Turn:- If you want to see the effective results that neck turn is the perfect one for neck injury. Under the observation or after the guidance of physiotherapists you should perform this exercise. Here you should look straight ahead while turning the head one side and chin on the same level. You must perform the same five times in a day.

How Anodyne Spine Can Help in Neck Pain Treatment?

Anodyne spine is one of the foremost physiotherapy clinics in Delhi/NCR  for spine injuries and pain. We have a team of experienced physiotherapists for neck pain treatment and chiropractors who helped many of the people act with different types of problems such as the leg, neck, chest and shoulder pain. Our soft tissue mobilization technique is quite effective to provide the motion of our body. In a short span of time, we’ve achieved success in neck pain relief therapy.

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