Best Physiotherapy Exercises to Avoid Ankle and Foot Pain


Physiotherapy derives fruitful results in terms of achieving fitness as early as possible. Here we’ll talk about the physiotherapy exercises to reduce the ankle and foot pain. Physiotherapy has the ability to diminish the pain to a great extent.

By performing these exercises regularly you’ll be benefitted from achieving better well-being. Physical exposure and muscle deterioration. In the context of getting success in and intended results, the exercise help to improve the strength, range of motion, and endurance and provide the correct best physiotherapy specialist in Delhi can tell you the perfect foot pain exercise along with ankle pain exercise. 

Physical treatments such as stretching, trigger point therapy, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, etc. could be trans formative in reducing the pain, and stiffness caused by the injuries or by any other means. Whenever you get an ankle or foot injury thereafter you feel too much pain- sometimes unbearable. You visit a physiotherapist’s clinic for treatment and after a series of inspections, the physiotherapist begins treatments and recommends certain sorts of exercises. It’s worth noted that the recommended exercise advice for foot pain works efficiently to heal the injury. 

Worldwide, physiotherapy exercises are popular to tackle different kinds of health issues and associated pains – such as neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder, chest, knee, leg and body pains. However, different types of techniques are being used to treat the patients but these exercises have their own significance.

Causes of Ankle and Foot Pain

There are several causes of ankle and foot pain, it might be caused by injury to any of the ankle bones, ligaments, or tendons. Avulsion fracture, broken bone during sports or accidents, bursitis, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, septic arthritis, etc.

Ankle & Foot Pain Exercises – For Better Relief

As there are different types of physiotherapy exercises for early recovery from foot and ankle pain. Here, we have listed a few ankle pain exercises. Let’s go through them one by one.

Non-Weight Bearing Dorsiflexion

Ankle dorsiflexion is the best exercise for the ankle. While performing this exercise, you will have to bend your ankle up and move towards the shin. By doing this exercise regularly, the patients can regain motion, and capability to walk as before. Here a few steps can tell you how to do this

  • First, you must move your ankle while pointing your foot back towards the nose. Meanwhile, the knees should be in a straight position.
  • In the second one, you must continue this exercise until you have a sense of discomfort.
  • The holding time should be 15 seconds.
  • The frequency of repetition must be five times.

Non-Weight Bearing E version

Eversion is one of the recommended ankle pain exercises which helps to recover ankle injury as soon as possible. While performing this exercise you should move your ankle to the lateral side of your leg. This will help a lot to regain mobility.

  • During this exercise, it’s mandatory to keep your ankle in motion while keeping toes pointed up, meanwhile the foot should be turned outward and away from the leg. Repeat this exercise 5 times and hold the position for 15-20 seconds until you feel discomfort.

The Alphabet

The alphabet is one of the most important ankle pain exercises that is performed by sitting on the chair while dangling foot in the air. During this course of exercise, the ankle should be moved in all directions. It’s advised to move your injured ankle and draw an alphabet.

E version Isometrics

It is another best strengthening exercise which is helpful for supporting muscles to the ankle. It’s done early after the injury to make the muscle stronger. While performing this exercise muscle contraction occurred which should behold for 15 seconds. 

Ankle flexion with resistance

Resisted strengthening exercises are performed with the help of Theravada which is helpful to prevent the undesirable movement.  You must perform this exercise 10 to 15 times to gain mobility. This exercise is quite beneficial for strengthening the anterior tibial is muscle. It’s genuinely a wonderful physiotherapy exercise for straightening your ankle muscles.

Toe Spread and Press

It’s one of the most efficacious foot pain exercises for plantar facilitis which causes pain and inflammation in the tissues. Mostly, sports persons – runners suffer from this.  While performing this exercise just stand with your feet, and soon after attaining a correct position just lift your toes, and spread your lifted toes and try to spread as much as possible. 
You should do it until you feel tired. If you feel tired then just spread the lifted toes on the ground. And try to put force by your toes on the ground, without lifting your foot. It will be helpful to perform this exercise three times a week with 10 repetitions.

Why Anodyne Spine for Foot and Ankle Pain

Anodyne Spine is one of the finest physiotherapy clinics in Delhi/ NCR for treating ankle and foot pain. Where we are known for our integrative approaches to treat all sorts of ankle and foot injuries. We also suggest lifestyle strategies for pain management.

Our team of the best physiotherapy specialists in Delhi for ankle and pain management uses cutting-edge physiotherapy practices for early recovery from the injuries.
We have a specialization in physiotherapy in spinal related injuries, chiropractic care, knee injury, sports injury, neck, and lower back pain. Before carrying out the treatment, we conduct a comprehensive medical check-up, examine the status of injury, and allow for the tests.

If you’ve foot and ankle pain, then our team of physical therapists will aid you in performing the foot pain exercises as well as ankle pain exercises in order to achieve early recovery. Our exercise advice for foot pain will work as a panacea and will drive good results in a small period of time.

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