5 Best Physiotherapy exercise To Reduce Knee Pain


Majority of us often encounter knee pain, around 20 percent of the world population face this problem. There are several ways to treat this issue, however here we’ll discuss the best physiotherapy exercises for reducing knee pain. 

The knee is the largest joint of the body where we can feel pain due to sports activities, accidents, walking, or with growing age. Or if we talk more deeply, we can say that knee pain is caused by overuse, tendinitis, meniscus tears, sprained knee ligaments, osteoarthritis, etc. Knee possesses a very complex structure made up of bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments which further is more susceptible to various factors including strain, sprain, fractures, and can degenerate within a period. Often, quick and abrupt movement & twisting of the foot can be a big cause of knee injury. 

In physiotherapy, stretching and strengthening knee pain exercises are good for producing intended results that provide relief from pain, and restore the motion. In case you get an injury or feel severe pain in your knee, then you should visit a doctor immediately & consult with him to acquire better treatment. Best physiotherapy clinics are always equipped with modern technology & their physiotherapists are well-qualified as well as experienced to examine, diagnose, and to treat knee injury. They can suggest a few knee pain physiotherapy exercises for early recovery.

Knee Pain Symptoms

You might feel some sorts of signs and symptoms if you have knee pain. This includes weakness or instability and may feel difficulty in walking or moving your leg. Moreover, a person suffering from knee injury feels swelling, stiffness, redness, and warmth to the touch. Popping and crunching sound may also accompany.

Best Knee Pain Exercises

If you’re suffering from chronic knee pain, then gentle stretching and strengthening exercises can derive good outcomes from overcoming pain and having the potential to improve your range of motion and flexibility. Exercise in a controlled manner is more effective than keeping the knee on a rest position. Sometimes, it may produce a negative effect. If you wish to start the exercise, then it’s important to talk with your physical therapist to ask about whether the specific exercise is fit for you or not. If you feel pain due to osteoarthritis, then your physical therapist can suggest your knee strengthening exercises for osteoarthritis to attain a normal range of motion in the shortest span of time

Heel and Calf Exercise

This is a wonderful exercise that can produce positive effects on the muscles of your lower leg, mainly on the calf. And for this, you should stand while facing towards the wall and placing your hands on the wall. Now the position of the toes must be in the forward direction, and the knees should be slightly bent. After this, just perform the stretching and hold for 30-40 seconds as recommended by your physiotherapist. While doing so, you will feel stretched in your back leg. Here it’s worth noting that changing the legs again and again. It’s considered as one of the best knee pain exercises, which is useful for early recovery from a knee injury.

Quadriceps Stretch

This exercise is another wonderful knee pain physiotherapy exercise that targets your quadriceps, and this exercise is quite effective for improving the flexibility near the hip area. In order to perform this exercise, you should stand adjacent to the wall and must use a chair in order to support the same. Here, it’s good to mention that feet should be at least shoulder-width apart. Now, bend one knee so that your foot could move towards your glutes. After doing this, grab your ankle and hold it for 30 seconds, and repeat the same 2 times. 

Hamstring stretch

Hamstring stretching is also an excellent exercise which influences the muscle of the back thigh. Moreover, it should be noted that it stretches the back of your leg till the base of the glutes. While performing this exercise, you may feel stretch in your calves.

Half Squat

Half squats is one of the finest ways to strengthen your gluts, quadriceps and hamstrings. And for this, you should stand in a squat position, while keeping your feet at a distance of shoulder width. Just look straight, and after this, you should slowly-2 squat down, while doing this from halfway point to full & pause for a couple of seconds, now you can stand up while pushing by your heels. It falls under the category of excellent knee pain physiotherapy exercise.

Calf raises.

This exercise is also pretty much useful for making your back of lower legs much stronger, along with calf muscles. You should perform this exercise in the following steps, first stand up on your feet while keeping the feet at a distance of shoulder width. Now, stand up on balls of feet after lifting both heels off the ground. In the next step, slowly lower your heels and exercise the same for making your calf muscle strong.

All exercises mentioned above are suitable for a knee injury and making them stronger as well as helpful for early recovery. We are one of the Best physiotherapy clinics renowned for our world-class diagnosis and treatment for spine-related problems. Our team of specialists provides quick and responsive services for neck, leg, lower back pain etc. An expert panel of physiotherapy specialists provides consultation for knee strengthening exercises for osteoarthritis. We provide better treatment for sports injury as well.

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