5 Best Exercises for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief


If you feel neck and shoulder pain then it’s sure that you would like to get rid of it as quickly as possible. For this, you might visit your doctor and consult for various treatment options, and exercises to get pain relief.  We have come up with 5 best exercises for neck and shoulder pain relief which will derive excellent results in order to achieve early recovery.

In a brief, if we try to understand we find that most of the neck and shoulder pain generally occurred due to strains, and sprains that are resulting from overexertion, accidents, sports, or wrong positions. There are following other neck and shoulder injuries causes such as rotator cuff tear, soft tissue injuries, pinched nerve, herniated disc, etc.  Neck and shoulder pain may vary from mild to severe and can have the following such as stiffness, numbness, spasms, tingling, and soreness. In case you don’t feel comfortable or in a state of regular pain then you should take advice from a well-known physiotherapist for neck pain and having specialization in shoulder pain as well. The doctor may recommend you the effective  shoulder pain relief exercise  in case of shoulder injuries, and neck pain relief exercises for neck injuries.

When should you start exercising

First of all to get stiff neck pain relief, you should visit a physiotherapy specialist and must tell about your problem in a detailed way. The physiotherapist will examine physically, if necessary will recommend the tests. After the complete check up, the doctor can suggest what exercises you should do or don’t . Then you can go with the suggested neck and shoulder pain exercises to ease stiffness and pain. It would be better to do all these exercises under the close observation of your physical therapist. If you go with prolonged rest, then it may produce some sort of disadvantage. 

In case you feel severe pain while exercising or it continues, then you should immediately stop the exercise and approach your doctor. It’s advisable that don’t perform the excessive exercise as well as if you have extreme neck pain or weakness in your arms or hands. 

Best 5 Exercises for Neck & Shoulder Pain

There are several causes of pain in the shoulder which could be very short-lived and in many cases severe or long-term. The pain is not only caused by the shoulder joints, but it might also be associated with the neck as well where it can occur at the shoulder blade.  Let’s have a quick look at the powerful and more effective exercises for neck and shoulder pain. These exercises are considered as one of the best in pain management, and most physiotherapists suggest this to their patients. But before performing shoulder pain relief exercises as well as to get stiff neck pain relief you should always consult with your doctor, as he/she is the right person to tell you what to do and don’t.

Neck Tilt: In case you want to perform the neck tilt exercise, then while sitting just tilt your head towards the down so your chin could touch your chest. Now, hold !  and be in the same position for 5 seconds or as advised by your doctor. Thereafter, return to starting or normal position. Just repeat neck tilt exercise five times or according to the recommended frequency by your doctor. Neck tilt is one of the best neck pain relief exercises recommended by the physical therapist.

Side to Side Neck Tilt :- It’s another one of the best exercises which can derive excellent results in case of neck and shoulder pain. In order to perform this exercise, you need to tilt your neck toward one shoulder while your ear should be leading, and should be in the same position for 5 seconds. Thereafter, just return back to normal position. This exercise is also recommended to repeat five times on each side of the shoulders. It would be a better idea to perform the exercise in the presence of a physiotherapist for neck pain. 

Neck Stretch:- This is also called the forward and backward stretch, where the chin moves forward and backward while holding the body straight as well as stretching the throat. First, you should push your chin in the forward direction and hold the position for 5 seconds, and then get relaxed and then from the starting position try a backward push of the chin for exactly 5 seconds. Do this five times each or as per suggestion by your doctor. Neck stretch is also one of the proven & efficacious neck pain relief exercises to provide you early recovery from the injury.

Shoulder Stretch:- It’s one of the most effective exercises for shoulder pain, where you just have to stand up and should raise shoulders and keep it in hold position for 5 seconds. Thereafter, just squeeze your shoulder blades in a backward direction and keep them in or hold the same for 5 seconds or as per the recommended by the doctors. Shoulder pain relief exercises are one of the best ways to achieve early recovery from the  shoulder pain.

Pendulum:- A perfect exercise for shoulder pain relief, here you should lean over or take a support table or chair by the non-injured arm. Now just draw a circle by your dangled injured arm, which you should start with drawing with a smaller one to a larger one. The circle draw should be increased gradually and also in reverse in directions. Repeat the same 5-10 times in a day. 

Anodyne Spine Clinic for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Anodyne Spine is one of the best physiotherapy clinic in Delhi for neck and shoulder pain, where our team of physiotherapists and chiropractors closely examine the injury and provide an exclusive range of treatments for all sorts of neck and shoulder pain injuries. We have a specialization in soft tissue and spine-related injuries. Our physiotherapist for neck pain and shoulder pain can advise you on effective shoulder pain relief exercises as well as for neck pain along with better treatment plans.

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