What is Manual Physiotherapy ?


Physiotherapy is beneficial in many ways and helps patients to recover as early as possible. It treats various health concerns such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sprains, strains, posture problems, and sports injuries. Here we’ll discuss what is manual physiotherapy and its advantages.

Physiotherapy has a multitude of benefits where it can be good for diagnosing the physical abnormalities and restore the body parts normal functioning and mobility. The benefits of physiotherapy make it fit to treat various issues related to musculoskeletal problems. It’s a perfect combination of different exercises under medical supervision. The physiotherapist can suggest effective exercises depending upon the condition of the patient’s injury and health.  After proper training, patients can perform the exercises at home, without any disturbance. Anodyne Spine is known for the best physiotherapist in Delhi where a team of experienced professionals is engaged in promoting the health and overall well-being of the patients. 

Let’s have a close look at the manual physiotherapy and its benefits.

Benefits of Manual Physiotherapy

Manual physiotherapy is a kind of physical therapy that is used by medical professionals to treat soft tissue and reduce the pain. It’s quite useful for increasing the range of motion and restoring the mobility of body parts. It’s not restricted to the manipulation and mobilization. By the use of manual physiotherapy, the physiotherapist is able to reduce the swelling and facilitate the improved function. In a broader sense, manual therapy is an umbrella term where lots of hands-on techniques reside.

Soft Tissue Techniques

If we put our glance over different types of injuries, we find that soft tissue technique is the best way to improvise the scar tissue and stretched muscles. This technique also includes the following – myofascial release, trigger point techniques, message, strain counterstrain, craniosacral therapy, active release technique, feldenkrais, graston etc. Problems related to muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and fascia etc, are treated by these techniques. These help in support and connect organs and other tissues.  Soft tissue techniques help to restore the functioning and mobility of affected parts. And ensure faster recovery as soon as possible.

Joint Techniques-

The joint technique or joint mobilization is a kind of physical therapy technique that is beneficial to relieve pain and muscle spasms. It’s quite good in releasing the tension and improving flexibility to a greater extent. This is pretty much helpful in strengthening the tissue surrounding the bone and the best for reducing the pain and increasing the range of motion and restoring the mobility of the affected body part. Joint techniques include the following – joint mobilization, joint manipulation, traction, muscle energy technique etc. 

Why Anodyne Spine Fitlife Clinic for Manual Physiotherapy

Anodyne Spine is one of the well-recognized physiotherapy clinics in South Delhi, which facilitates world-class physiotherapy treatment to the patients suffering from the different types of injuries or health problems. We have a team of expert professionals/physiotherapists who have great exposure in the soft tissue, joint mobilization, and various manual physiotherapy techniques. We conduct comprehensive diagnostic tests to ensure and identify the existing potential impairments, and causes of injury or improper functioning of the affected body part. We understand the concerns of our patients, therefore we provide better healthcare including the facility of physiotherapy at home.

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