What Causes Sharp Lower Back Pain


We can feel low back pain at any point in time. Most adults suffer from this problem,  where it’s a painful condition that occurs at the lower portion of the spine. This may be caused by several means including –  ruptured discs, lack of regular exercise, injuries to muscle, or ligaments. In this section, we will discuss the causes of lower back pain and its symptoms.

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective ways to treat lower back pain. Physiotherapy can help by using different approaches and exercises. In most cases, the lower back pain stays for two to four weeks, but in a few cases, it may stay for longer periods and will require extra care and treatment. The physiotherapist will examine the causes of the lower back pain, its severity, and will treat you accordingly. There could be chances of surgery. 

If you are continuously facing the lower back pain problem, then you need to approach an experienced doctor who has a proven track record of treating back pain problems. At Anodyne Spine Fitlife Clinic, you will find everything for you. The team is experienced and professional, they understand what you need therefore always ready to help you so that you could recover at earliest.

Causes of Lower Back Pain –  An Intro

In this section, we will throw some light on sharp lower back pain. This can be caused by injury to muscles, compression fractures to the spine. Let’s discuss the reasons for muscle pain one by one.

Muscle Strain

A muscle strain occurs due to the stretching or tearing of muscle or tendons. This is one of the well-known causes of lower back pain. The most common cause of muscle strain is injuries that can happen while playing sports, or doing certain physical activities such as weight lifting (heavyweight). 

If this occurs, then there are chances of having muscle spasms. If we put a cursory glance on the symptoms of muscle strain we observe – muscle aches, stiffness, difficulty in moving, pain in the lower portion of the body including buttock and legs. In order to combat the muscle strain problem – your doctor may suggest over the counter medication which will reduce the pain to a greater extent. Besides this, an ice pack or heating pad could be beneficial for this.

Herniated Disk

It’s another big reason for sharp lower back pain. It’s occurred when the disc between spinal bones gets ruptured. Extra pressure is being felt on surrounding nerves, which further causes sharp lower back pain. Herniated discs may have the following symptoms where there could be numbness, tingling, pain in the buttock, muscle spasms, and weakness in the lower back portion.


Sciatica can be another big cause of lower back pain. In sciatica condition, pain radiates along with the sciatica nerve in the lower portion including legs. The main thing about the sciatica is that it generally affects one side of the body. The pain is mainly initiated from the spine and passes through the back of the leg. Here physiotherapy may be quite useful to treat sciatica. The patients may experience the following symptoms including – mild to excruciating pain, electric shock sensation, numbness, tingling, and foot pain.

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Compression Fracture

If your vertebrae get broken or have some sort of injuries, then it may cause a fracture. The symptoms of compression fracture include leg pain, back pain, weakness, and numbness in the lower portion.

Spine Problems

Several spine-related conditions may cause sharp lower back pain. These conditions could be spinal stenosis or lordosis. If spinal stenosis occurs then space in your spine gets narrow which can cause pain. There could be the following symptoms including- lower back pain, cramping in legs, weakness in the leg.


Spinal infections can also be another big cause of lower back pain. The infection can occur in the spine if the patient has lung’s TB. 

In the above section, we have discussed the causes of lower back pain. Now let have a quick look at the best physiotherapy clinic in South Delhi for the treatment of lower back pain and associated problems. 

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Now here we will try to explore more about the symptoms of lower back pain, this will include the loss of bowel, numbness, tingling, weakness, intense pain, unexplained weight loss and also the pain associated with the abdomen. If you feel such symptoms then you must approach your doctor for treatment. He will suggest to you the best way to overcome these problems, and also perform the best possible treatment so you could be better as soon as possible. 

The physiotherapy could be more helpful if you have mild back pain.

The physiotherapist will physically examine you and may offer the following test if needed. After analyzing all test reports, he will suggest relevant exercises, precautions, nutritional plans etc. He will also carry out the necessary treatment procedure and therapy so as to provide relief from the sharp lower back pain.

Why Anodyne Spine is Best Lower Back Pain Treatment in South Delhi

Anodyne Spine is a globally acclaimed physiotherapy clinic in South Delhi. A team of professionally qualified experts strives to deliver world-class physiotherapy and chiropractic care. We use the best physiotherapy techniques & treatment plan so that you could achieve early recovery without any hassle. Since our inception, we have treated thousands of patients across different parts of the world. 

We have specialization in testing spinal injury, sports injury, neck pain, back pain, leg pain and other types of diseases. Because of our constant and aspiring effort, we have established ourselves as one of the most trustable clinics for lower back pain treatment in South Delhi. If you experience lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain or any other kind of pain you may consult with our top-notch physiotherapy professionals.

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