3 Simple Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief


Sciatica pain mainly occurs in the lower part of your body that may occur from the lower back to your feet. Sciatica pain generally affects one side of the body. If you are facing sciatica pain, then you may go for physiotherapy. Here in this section, you will learn 3 simple stretches for sciatica pain relief.

If we take a look at the causes of sciatica pain, we find that it occurs due to herniated disk, or narrowing of the spine where it compresses the nerve. Here it’s worth noting that due to sciatica, there could be chances of inflammation, pain, and numbness. 

Mainly medication and physiotherapy are good for the treatment of sciatica pain. In the context of sciatica pain condition, people may experience the following symptoms, including pain in the back, buttock, hip and in lower parts of the body. In addition, people may feel difficulty in walking or may have muscle weakness.  

Besides, all this, there could be chances of leg numbness and needles. The intensity of pain could be mild, severe and sharp.

If we talk about the sciatica pain treatment, we find that supportive care, medication, therapies, self-care and medical procedures are good enough for treating this. In the context of therapies, chiropractic care, stretching, massage, and acupuncture are effective ones. In chiropractic care – adjusting of the spine, and back muscle massage are performed to relieve pain. Mainly the non-surgery treatment is preferred in case of mild pain, although in case of higher severity – non-operative ways can opt.

Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief – A Cursory Overview of 3 Best Stretches

Now here in this section, we will go through the 3 simple stretches for sciatica pain which can provide you with a better understanding to deal with pain. Here it’s important that you should take consultation prior to going with such stretches.

Scissor hamstring stretch

If your hamstrings muscles get tight then it can pull your pelvis as well as can increase the stress level in your lower back, this further can be beneficial for irritating the sciatic nerve. Now let’s see the better way of doing scissor hamstring stretch.

  • First of all, you should stand on your right foot crossed on the left foot.
  • Now it’s turn to face your shoulders and hips in the forward direction.
  • In the next step, you should place your hand on your hips or can take advantage of the chair by putting your hand on the side for balance. Now you should bend forward at the waist, and on your front leg just fold the torso in the forward direction. While doing so, it is required that your back should be in straight and your weight should be over the front leg.
  • It’s also important that you should hold the same for 10-20 seconds, and should repeat the exercise on each leg. The hamstring stretch is a wonderful way to reduce the sciatic nerve tension and relieve the pain.

Back flexion stretch

It’s also one of the best stretches for sciatica pain relief. Flexion is the condition when you bend your spine in the forward direction; this exercise helps you a lot in increasing spinal mobility, as well as for strengthening abdominal musculature. It’s also good for providing relief from the tightness in your spinal muscles.

  • In order to follow the best practices, you should adopt the following steps.
  • First, you should lie on your back, and then gently pull your knees towards your chest till you don’t feel a small amount of stretch in your back, especially at mid and lower areas.
  • Now you should bring your head in the forward direction so as to get the stretch. Here it’s important that you should hold it for 5-10 seconds, and after this, you should return back to your normal position.

Single Knee to Chest Stretch

Single knee to chest stretch exercise is another best way to get relief from sciatica pain. Here we would like to say that for this, you should lie on your back while placing your hand behind your knee. Now after attaining this position, you should pull your chest. By doing this, you will feel stretching in the lower back area and buttock. Now you should stretch this for 5 to 10 seconds and must slowly return to the starting position.

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