Understanding the Causes of Tailbone Pain


The Coccyx is a vital internal part of the body which is also known as the tailbone. It serves different functions, including supporting the pelvis. It’s a small, triangular bone situated below the sacrum. It’s quite helpful & provides support in sitting. Coccyx also plays a significant role in bearing weight. In most cases, injuries & fractures to the tailbone may cause a Coccydynia problem. In this section, we will throw light on the causes of tailbone pain (Coccydynia). 

People may experience the Coccydynia if the Coccyx or surrounding tissue gets damaged. Because of this, they feel discomfort & pain in the lower part of the spine, specifically at the base portion. If you don’t follow the appropriate sitting position or lean backward, then there is a possibility of having intense pressure on the Coccyx. In case of injuries, pelvic floor muscles get affected, which may result in difficulty in running, walking or moving legs.

If you have been experiencing this problem for a long period of time, or only a few days are past, then it’s advisable to visit your doctor for tailbone pain treatment. Physiotherapy, stretching exercises, pain medication, are considered effective for relieving pain. We are the best physiotherapy clinic in Delhi, offering you tailbone pain services at the most affordable price. Our team of specialists aspires to provide you with ankylosing spondylitis treatment service.

Causes of Tailbone Pain

In the above section, we have learned a little bit about tailbone pain, but here let’s have a quick glimpse of tailbone pain causes (Coccydynia).

Injury/Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Injury to Coccyx may cause Coccydynia. You may suffer from the hard impact in your tailbone area or the bottom of your spine. Accidental hitting during contact sports, or falling backwards may lead to this problem. In addition, due to severe injuries, there is a possibility of having dislocation or fracture of the Coccyx.

Repetitive strain injuries occur if you participate in cycling or other sports where continuous stretching at the base of your spine occurs. Or you are more likely to lean forward. If the frequent movement takes place, then there are chances of having stretching of muscles and ligaments.

Straining may damage the muscles & ligaments that may result in pain and discomfort.

Poor posture

Suppose you are habitual of sitting in poor posture during working or driving. This inappropriate posture will put too much pressure on the lower part of the spine, including – Coccyx. Poor posture will also cause pain and inflammation.

Overweight & Underweight Problem

In the list of causes of tailbone pain, overweight and underweight is the biggest problem. It’s interesting to note that too much pressure on Coccyx may also cause coccydynia. And this mainly happens whenever you sit, and you are overweight. In case you are slim then your buttock fat is not able to prevent rubbing of Coccyx & surrounding tissues.


Infection can be a big reason for coccydynia, where it may occur at the base of the spine. Medical conditions such as pilonidal abscess can cause pus in the cleft of the buttocks.


It’s also worth mentioning that with the passage of time, cartilage can wear down. These cartilage are the best fit for holding the Coccyx. There are chances of having the bones of Coccyx may get tightly fused. It’s one of the most common tailbone pain causes. You must approach the doctor for better treatment.

Tailbone Pain Treatment

Here in this segment, we will discuss a little bit about tailbone pain treatment.

Physical Therapy to Treat Tailbone Pain 

If you are experiencing tailbone pain, then you should visit your doctor immediately. He/She will examine you & suggest your best exercises to strengthen the muscles. Stomach muscles and pelvic floor are the best ones. Moreover, a few techniques, such as coccygeal manipulation are quite beneficial.

Anti-inflammatory painkillers (NSAIDs)

If you are having too much pain and discomfort, over-the-counter painkillers can be beneficial. A special type of painkiller that is also known as NSAID, is pretty much effective in providing relief from the pain & swellings around the Coccyx. It’s advisable that these medications should be taken after a doctor’s prescription as there may be a risk of developing stomach ulcers or some sort of allergic reaction. If all this occurs, then paracetamol can be a good choice, ibuprofen gel may also be effective.

Exercises for Tailbone Pain

Various exercises & stretches are pretty much helpful to relieve pressure from Coccyx where these are perfectly fit for tailbone pain.

Surgery to Treat Tailbone Pain

If the severity is more, then the above-mentioned treatment may not work. In such a situation, your doctor may recommend that surgery. Part or all of the Coccyx may be removed during the surgery. In a general term, this is called coccygectomy. Consult with your doctor, whether surgery is the best decision to go with surgery because the risk is involved with surgery. There are chances of having infections.

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