Neck Cracking & Grinding : What Does it Means?


You may experience neck pain at any point of time. Basically, neck pain may occur due to certain reasons, including muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compression, injuries, etc. Here in this section, our prime objective is to discuss a little bit about Neck cracking and grinding. 

Crepitus or crepitation is the noise that may occur during the joint movement. It’s a kind of sound of cracking, grating, crunching, and popping. This sound may occur at the Neck, where it may happen at any stage of time. There could be other Neck cracking sound causes, including the variation of pressure in cervical facet joints, ligament movements, and adjacent grinding of bones.

Neck cracking is painless and doesn’t cause any sort of seriousness; however, it needs special medical attention. Facet joints are formed at the point where the adjacent vertebrae join. Cartilage is a kind of tough but flexible tissue at the end of each bone. Neck crepitus generally happens when the spine rubs together and produces the sounds. Facet joints have their own significance, as they play an important role in forwarding and backward motion of the back. Any problem in the facet joints may lead to spine-related pain. In the context of the Neck, you may have chronic stiff neck problems if there is any abnormality in the joints.

Neck Cracking Sound Causes

Now in this section, we will throw some light over the neck crepitus causes. We will go through the points which may cause cracking sounds. Let’s go through them one by one.

Articular pressure changes

It’s believed that the cracking sounds may occur due to the bubbles collapsing in the synovial joints. People may hear this popping sound when we crack the fingers. In addition, during the spinal manipulation or the natural movement of joints may also cause joint-cracking sounds. When your chiropractor or physical therapy specialist conducts the therapy session, then these sounds occur during the spine-manipulation. However, there is conflict over the problem, whether it occurs due to the creation of bubbles or collapsed. It needs to be proven.

Ligament or tendon moving around bone

Ligaments and tendons play an important role in bone’s attachment. Snapping sound may produce due to the moving of ligaments and tendons. These two-move over each other. As the age grows, the muscles and tissues are too tight and begin to lose their elasticity.

Bone-on-Bone Grinding

Here, it’s also worth important to know that due to certain diseases such as osteoarthritis, the facet joints begin to degenerate. Because of the degeneration process, the protective cartilage begins to wear, and consequently, rubbing of adjacent vertebral bones occurs. This may cause grinding noise as well as sensation. In addition, disc degeneration may cause a lessening of cushioning between the vertebrae. It’s one of the prime reasons for neck pain. If you are experiencing osteoarthritis, then it’s necessary for you to know about osteoarthritis treatment.

In the above section, we have seen the causes of neck crepitus. One or combination of other causes may lead to neck crepitus. We all should be aware of this that crepitus may produce in any moveable joint. Knee and shoulder joints are its perfect examples.

How Neck Crepitus Feels

We have gone through the neck crepitus causes. This is painless; however, this may be the cause of stiffness or neck pain, which may be mild to severe sharp pain. You may also experience Neck grinding headache & pain. People who have a small amount of neck crepitus pain may suffer from stress as well as lack of positivity. Low confidence, as well as thinking in a negative direction, may cause alter behaviors and anxiety. Here we would like to point out that there are chances of having neck structure damage. In a study, it was found that the people who are hearing knee crepitus sound may drag them into the worry. They feel about premature aging and mostly think about the change of movement so that the sound could not produce. 

Medical Attention

There is a need for doctor consultation & treatment if you have a neck crepitus problem. If pain is associated with neck crepitus, then there could be chances of having osteoarthritis. You may feel inflammation in the Neck’s joints. Moreover, recent accidents or injuries may also be the cause of neck cracking & grinding. 

Whenever you experience frequent sound after the joint move, the Joint may have abnormal functioning with pain. Sometimes after the surgery, neck crepitus problems arise. These sounds could be normal, but it would be better if you tell your doctor.

In the above-mentioned cases, you should meet with a qualified medical practitioner/physiotherapy specialist. 

How Physiotherapy Can Be Helpful 

Physiotherapy is always beneficial for neck pain treatment & other body pain. It’s considered the most effective way of treating Neck cracking and grinding sounds. Your physiotherapy expert can help you by providing result-oriented advice, exercises, and therapies. There are a number of exercises for neck pain, including – setting your Neck straight, neck drop and raise, head tilt, neck rotation, and neck retraction. After physically examining your Neck, your physical therapist may go with appropriate therapies & treatment plans. He/She may suggest you change your lifestyle and habits so that pain could reduce to a greater degree. The physiotherapy specialist may tell you proper exercises, and after a few sessions, you may feel better.

Why Choose Anodyne Spine for Neck Cracking and Grinding

World-class physiotherapy approaches & the use of modern equipment make us the foremost clinic for neck treatment in South Delhi. Our team of physiotherapy & chiropractic experts has treated a large number of people who were facing – back, leg, Neck, shoulder & other body pain. Physiotherapy is often considered as one of the successful ways for Neck cracking, grinding, and pain. If you are facing a neck grinding headache, then you don’t need to worry. Our team of neck pain professionals will help you. Contact us for check-ups & appointments.

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