How Do You Get Rid of a Slipped Disc?


Today, many people are suffering from the slipped disc problem. It’s common nowadays. With the help of physiotherapy & exercise programs, people can get relief from slipped disc. Injury or weakness can be the possible cause of slipped, herniated, or prolapsed disc. In this article, we will discuss – how to get relief from the slipped disc? We will also tell you where you can find the best treatment for slip disc in India.  

1 to 5% of people across the globe is facing Slipped Disc problem, where it’s more common in the people having age over 30.  Men are having chances as compared to women. If we talk about the Slipped Disc Treatment, physiotherapy is definitely result-oriented in slip disc problems.  

We find that physiotherapy exercises are pretty much effective to provide relief to people. All this should be done under the guidance and supervision of experienced & certified physiotherapy specialists. A few gentle exercises and stretches can deliver outstanding results, and help to relieve the pain due to the herniated disk. These exercises are good for strengthening and improve the flexibility of the spine, neck as well as back. Later in this section, we will have a quick glance at the best physiotherapy for slip disc. 

What is Slipped Disc   

A slipped disc is mainly caused by the weakness of the outer ring, and it allows the inner portion of the disc to protrude. Injury and weakness are the possible causes but age cannot be ignored. Twisting or lifting heavy objects can also impact your disc, and it can slip out of the exact place. The inner material leaks out of its fibrous covering. The possibility of numbness and pain can increase.  

A well-known physiotherapy center for the slipped disc can offer you  one-stop solution for your slipped disc concern. Qualified and experienced physiotherapists for the slipped discs can help you a lot to get rid of this problem, therefore if you feel that you’re having these health concerns then it’s better to meet with Anodyne Spine Physiotherapist. Plan your visit with us.  

Now let’s go through other details that are required to understand more about the slipped disc. In the following section, we will learn about the symptoms of slipped disc, causes of slip disc, and most effective physiotherapy solutions for slipped disc problems. 

Symptoms of a Slipped Disc  

Now let's move ahead, and see the symptoms of slipped disc. This problem can be occurred in any part of your spine from neck to lower back. The most affected area is your lower back. As we know that our spinal column is a network of nerves and blood vessels that serves different purposes including – transmission of nerve signals, and works as a center for coordinating many reflexes. The symptoms of Slipped Disc Include  

1)Pain and numbness in one side of the body  
2)Muscle Weakness   
3)Difficulty in Walking  
4)Burning sensation, tingling and aching in different parts of the body.  

If we experience the Symptoms of a Slipped Disc, we should approach to the physiotherapy specialist or spine specialist for treatment. 

Causes of Slipped Disc  

There are a number of causes of a herniated disc or slipped disc. It mainly occurs with the growing age, where disc degenerates. With the passage of time, as we grow older discs become less flexible and have greater chances of tearing and rupturing even with a minor strain or twist. Apart from this, lifting heavy weights, and traumatic events can cause the slipped disc problem.  

Best Physiotherapy for Slipped Disc  

In the context of the question - How Do You Get Rid of a Slipped Disc? Physiotherapy can be a good choice. When it comes to the slipped disc problem, then physiotherapy works better. Physical therapy works effectively to deliver outstanding results in herniated disc recovery. Sometimes, a few approaches do not offer immediate pain relief, but they help in recovery and prevent further injury. Anodyne Spine Physiotherapy Specialists use deep tissue massage, and different sorts of exercises to treat the Slipped Disc Problem. Whether you are looking for the Best treatment for slip disc in India, then you should go for the physiotherapy choice as compared to other alternatives.  

Exercises for the Slipped Discs  

Exercises play a big role to keep you in healthy condition. It’s not only about the slipped disc problem but also about other health concerns. You should perform the exercises in a better way or under the guidance of experts to achieve better results in the shortest span of time. Following exercises can be advantageous to get rid of the slipped disc problems, and you should try all these exercises under the guidance of the best physiotherapist for slipped disc. The exercise program helps in the strengthening of the back and surrounding muscles. The best doctor for slip disc in India may recommend you the following exercises for the slip disc.  

1)Prone on Elbows into Press-Up  
2)Upper Back Extension  
3)Opposite Arm and Leg Extension  

Prone and elbows into press-up exercise help in reducing the herniated disc pain and pressure. Upper back extension is quite good in strengthening and stabilize your low back muscles. It’s also effective to relieve pain that belongs to the lumbar herniated disc. On the other hand, opposite arm and leg extension are good for stabilize your spine and strengthen the muscles in your lower back, hamstring, and glutes. Anodyne Spine clinic is known for the best treatment for slip disc in India having world-class facilities & a team of physiotherapy specialists. 

How are Slipped Discs Diagnosed?  

First, your physiotherapist will do a physical examination and will find out the exact cause of pain and discomfort. In this process, he will check your nerve function, and muscle strength. He will ensure the affected area. Meanwhile, he may ask for the medical history and symptoms.  Physiotherapy specialists may take advantage of the imaging tests, to view the condition of the bones and muscles. All these tests will work effectively to identify the damaged area. X-rays, CT scans, MRI Scans, and discograms are the example of imaging tests. Our team of specialized physiotherapists uses the appropriate way to determine the exact root cause of Slipped Disc.   

Best Treatment for Slip Disc in Delhi- Anodyne Spine  

Anodyne Spine Clinic offers you the best physiotherapy for slip disc. Our physiotherapy clinic is equipped with modern facilities and has a team of world-class doctors. If you are looking for the best doctor for slip disc in Delhi, then we are the perfect choice for you. Since our inception, we have been offering physiotherapy solutions to patients who are suffering from spine-related problems. The results are beyond the expectations and we succeed to bring happiness.   

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