Best Treatment Tips For Lower Back Pain Quick Relief


Evidently, back pain offers great suffering if it’s not treated well by using excellent ways of treatment. Today, we’re going to tell you what are best back pain relief exercises & where you can find the proper treatment for your back pain. 

The world is packed with experienced and passionate back pain specialists who can provide you with a wide array of services in lower back pain treatment. However, we will recommend that you should not ignore your early back pain symptoms. 

If we go into the in-depth analysis we find that debilitating back pain is quite a common reason for absence from office or any occasion. It made us unable to perform certain tasks, which need us most. People of different age groups may fall under the back pain complications. 

Lower back pain is the result of damage or improper functioning of the bony lumbar spine, spinal cord and nerves and discs. However, there are other reasons also including abdominal and pelvic internal organs and skin around the lumbar area.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Human back is complex, having ligaments, muscles, tendons, disks and bones. Where all these are organised  and function in such an astounding way including supporting the body and making us unable to move around. And the disks may be damaged that are cartilage like structure. Before proceeding further for lower back pain treatment we must put a cursory glance on the causes of the lower back pain.

There are several reasons for back pain consisting of strain, medical conditions, and poor posture or any other unknown reason. Here we would discuss a few one.


Back pain may originate from the strain, tension or injury occurred in the muscles or ligaments. However, a muscle spasm, muscle tension or damage disks, injuries or fractures may be the reason for lower back pain. Few physical and sports activities can be the cause of strain in the muscles including lifting something improperly or heavily, or moving abruptly or awkwardly.

Structural Problems

A series of structural problems are the cause of the lower back pain.  Here, it’s worth noting that ruptured and bulging disks, arthritis, abnormal curvature of the spine, osteoporosis and kidney problems are the possible reasons for lower back pain.

Movement and Posture

A wrong posture for which we are used to can lead to back pain. Here muscle stretching, coughing and sneezing, twisting, long drive sessions, pushing, lifting, pulling or carrying the objects are the most popular one.

Other Causes

There are several other causes which might lead to lower back pain such as Cauda equina syndrome, infection of the spine, sleep disorders, and shingles.

Lower Back Pain Treatments

It would be better to treat the lower back pain, if it’s not done under proper medical guidance or supervision then it may lead to serious concerns in the initial or later stages of life.

Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain

Patients suffering from the different kinds of lower back pain are advised to undergo physical therapy. Initially it can be four weeks as an initial conservative, where it’s objective is to make patients aware of lower back pain, increase function and decrease the low back pain problem.  Here the physiotherapists may tell you what to do and don’ts while going through the physical therapy

Mainly there are two types of physical therapy including the active and passive one. 

The active physical therapy includes a few exercises and stretching techniques while passive one include ice packs, heat application, and electrical stimulation. A heating pad is applied to provide warm sensation in muscles, and further stretching and exercises are conducted. Afterward ice packs are applied on the muscles and soft tissues to get soothing effect.

Active physiotherapy for lower back pain is one of the best treatments performed by physiotherapists to get relief from back pain.  

  • Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises

Among the cluster of exercises we will discuss the lower back pain relief exercises. Back pain specialist is the person who can tell you the right exercises for your lower back pain. Let’s discuss the few one 

  • Stretching : 

It’s one of the best exercises along with active exercise that will help to achieve the normal range of motion.  It would be better to get routine stretching routine which is designed by the physical therapist or a spine physician. A thumb rule says that patients should keep focus on the lower back muscles, and abdominal muscles, including hips and legs.

  • Dynamic stabilization exercises:- 

It’s a perfect blend of various exercises including ball exercises, balancing with the machines or some sort of specific stabilizing exercises. It’s objective is to provide the strength  of the secondary muscles found in the spines, meanwhile it allows patients to achieve an excellent range of motion without any hassle.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be a perfect lower back treatment which is chronic in nature, and produces effective outcomes. While practicing the same you just have to insert small and thin needles into the body that helps in restoring energy flow. And can stimulate the brain and other mechanisms to release the chemicals in the body.

  • Healthy Diet for Bone

A healthy diet having excellent nutritional value can help to get early recovery from lower back pain. Therefore it’s good to take a proper diet which can help maintain healthy weight so as to handle the excessive strain on lower back pain.  Nutrition assists in maintaining bone health and provides strength.

The diet must have an appropriate amount of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

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