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We are working people and work under different circumstances, maybe working on the computer, loading, and unloading of goods, driving or sitting for long hours. The office ergonomics, or workplace ergonomics training activities can help you to understand what type of posture we should adopt to carry out the different tasks. Physiotherapy can be useful to diminish the ergonomic risk factors by analyzing your work profile, position, and movements.  

Dr. Hitesh Khurana is one of the eminent and best physiotherapists in Delhi, who helped thousands of people across the country. He has vast experience in ergonomic training and spinal injuries along with associated pain such as lower back pain, neck pain, chest pain, etc. 

It’s a fact that our work and its conditions determine our health to a great extent. Sometimes or at the later stage of life, we might feel pain in the body, chest, back, head, eye or any part of the body. All these depend entirely on our working habits and profile.  

We’re well aware that an unhealthy lifestyle or lack of awareness can lead to severe complications. And if it comes to our office lifestyle it becomes important to know what are the better ways to reduce the health risks.

Ergonomic in the Workplace

  • The prime objective of applying ergonomics training activities in a workplace is to avoid injuries and increase the work performance of the employees. 
  • To create a workplace that is fit for working according to the necessities of the workers. 
  • To ensure the appropriate arrangement of the tools and machinery, so that employees could work without any mental and physical stress.
  • The ergonomics also ensure the safety and health of employees and staff. 

If workers or employees would not feel fatigued, stressed or pressured while working, then it’s fixed that they would be more productive. And for this reason, there should be risk assessment which must be accurate and efficient and implemented with excellent knowledge and skills. Poor working conditions do not support the efficiency of employees. Therefore it would be better to create a healthy environment that raises awareness among the workers. So, they could not feel any health concerns either now or later in life. Ergonomic training activities can help to maintain a healthy condition. Anodyne Spine’s best physiotherapist in Delhi – India always helps you to achieve a healthy working atmosphere along with proper guidance and methods.

While working there are certain tasks which may lead to following ergonomics risk factors:-

  • Poor Posture / Awkward Position
  • Position for a long duration
  • Continuous or Repetitive Movements
  • Sudden or Excessive Force
  • Stress
  • Environment Conditions such as extreme or inappropriate heat, cold, noisy ambiance, and poor visibility
  • The vibration occurs while working

Let’s comprehensively understand these concepts:-

Awkward Postures

If an employee works in an awkward position, then he/she may be more susceptible to injury. Actually, during the awkward position, the body position remains in an uncomfortable condition which may cause pain or strain. It’s quite important to note that the muscles and joints work in an efficient way in a specific condition instead of an incorrect position. Meantime, muscles are being stretched while working in inaccurate positions.

Position for a long duration

Sitting, standing or working in an inaccurate position for extended periods may lead to pain, stretch, or deformation where this may cause fatigue to supporting muscles as well and also can lead to enervation. There are certain positions that are quite harmful, resulting in increased pressure on the structure of the body. And if not taken seriously, then it may damage those structures to a great extent.

A common example of this is the pressure on the spinal discs in the lower back while driving or sitting in a chair.

Repetitive Movements

Repetitive movements are quite common while working, and these may prompt to overuse of muscles and tendons. Which may result in pain, and could be more severe if performed in an unsuitable posture. And during this course of action, muscles and tendons continuously rub against other bony structures and produce the side-effects within the muscles and tendons.

Contact Stress

This is another major cause of pain and stress where the pressure is exerted on a body part. This may cause irritation and mostly arises with awkward postures.

Environmental Conditions

One of the prime factors that can influence the working lifestyle more. If workers work in hot conditions, then it may lead to muscle fatigue at a fast rate. Sometimes it becomes to perform the tasks efficiently, and need more breaks. In cold conditions, the blood flows reduced to a certain degree and further the performance of muscle reduced to a great extent. To compensate for this condition, it’s required to wear appropriate clothing and warming or need a light exercise before going ahead to work. In case employees are working under loud noise, they may feel tension within the body. While poor visibility or low light conditions may reduce coordination during the tasks. Therefore, we must learn about the proper working environment and suitable conditions to reduce the strain. 


Vibration has its own impact during the work; it leads to reduced blood supply and decreases the ability to muscle contract. Further, it can lead to instant or fast fatigue of the muscles. The whole body vibration generally occurs to the operators of the vehicles mainly of heavy vehicles. While hand-arm vibration occurs in workers who use the vibration generation tools such as drills, hammers, or rattle guns.

Benefits of Ergonomic Training Classes

In a simple way, we can say that ergonomics tells how people fit in their working atmosphere. This explores the methods, exercises, techniques, approaches to work efficiently without being tired.

There are myriad benefits of implementing the ergonomic concept at the workplace; it can reduce the number of causes of injury in the workplace, furthermore reducing the costs and helps in increasing the morale of employees in the organization. The physiotherapists may provide guidance to avoid injury and risks associated with the work profile. Also, they can suggest to you the preventive and recovery techniques of an existing injury.  

AnodySpine – Ergonomic Training Classes

We strive to provide ergonomic training classes and spread awareness among the working professionals. We understand that inappropriate knowledge may lead to serious health concerns. Therefore we guide the perfect way to tackle workplace demerits associated with sitting, standing and poor positions. Our physiotherapist may guide in every sphere to improve the health and well-being of the employees.

Anodyne Spine is a well-recognized physiotherapy clinic in Delhi/NCR region offering world-class services in the area of physiotherapy including – ergonomy training classes, spinal injury, joint manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial releases, chiropractic treatment, etc. We have conducted effective ergonomic sessions at different levels of the organization. A bunch of top-notch physiotherapists in Delhi helps to provide effective sessions and are successful in providing effective ways to improve the workplace lifestyle. Our way to reduce accidents, workplace injury and sickness stands out from others and helps businesses to grow much better.

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