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Cervical selective nerve root block injection procedure helps you to overcome neck pain due to pinched or inflamed spinal nerves. In this section, we will discuss neck pain treatment with the use of cervical selective nerve root blocks procedure. 

This procedure has been performed for a long-time but gained popularity a few years ago. It’s too effective to manage and treat spinal pain and complex pain syndrome.

Spinal nerves have their own significance where these are an integral part of the nervous system. These nerves serve an important role in transmitting impulses from the brain to body parts and responsible for carrying out necessary functions such as walk, run, move, and sensation. If your spinal nerve in your neck gets injured, then there are chances of having neck, shoulder, and/or arm pain. In such a situation, you shouldn’t ignore the same and should approach your doctor immediately. An experienced physiotherapy specialist can help you after examining the complete problem. Anodyne Spine & Team can help you, as we are well known for the treatment for neck pain in South Delhi.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

If you observe the following symptoms, then there could be chances of having cervical nerve pinching or damage. It’s also noticeable that the pain is common, but numbness, tingling, weakness, and burning feeling can draw your attention. The above-mentioned signs can occur in the neck and/or arm.

When You Need Cervical Selective Nerve Root Block Injection 

Sometimes, you may feel pain and stiffness, which can be varying in nature. It will restrict the range of motion. The prime goal of this procedure is to reduce the inflammation of the spinal nerve. Cervical osteoarthritis, cervical degenerative disc diseases, cervical herniated disc, and cervical foraminal stenosis are the common conditions that can make you adopt the nerve root blocks injection.

How Cervical Nerve Root Block Procedure is Done ?

In a very normal condition, this procedure generally takes 30-40 minutes, where the following steps are taken to accomplish the entire procedure. It’s considered one of the effective ways for neck pain treatment. Let’s go through the procedure.

  • First, your doctor will examine your condition, and further this, he will set you up in the procedure room. Here, he/she will sterilize the impacted area and inject the local anesthetic before further process.
  • In the second step, he takes advantage of fluoroscopy (x-ray guidance) and contracts dye. After this, the doctor will position the needle in the nerve that is expected to be the cause of pain. In lieu of the fluoroscopy, he can use the ultrasound to visualize the perfect place for needling.
  • Once he is completely satisfied with the needle position, then he injects lidocaine and cortisone, which are anesthetic and steroid, respectively. It’s done near the point of irritation.
  • After doing all this, people are free to go home but need to follow doctor’s advice. He may allow you to take the rest.

Cervical Selective Nerve Root Block Potential To Treat Neck Pain

It has been proven that the CSNRB Injection procedure is very effective in the diagnosis and treatment of inflamed spinal nerves. It can provide temporary relief from the pain but very important to identify the spine nerve, which can cause pain.

The anesthetic effect can diminish within the shortest span of time, but the steroid effect remains for a longer duration of time, resulting in inflammation reduction as well as promoting the healing of irritated nerves. Maximum people get relief from the neck pain in between 3-6 months.

Associated Risks

Generally, cervical selective nerve root block doesn’t have any risk or very low risk, if it’s performed by an experienced medical professional. However, there are chances of having risks and complications such as – bleeding, infection, nerve or spinal cord damage, and allergic reactions. It’s always recommended to you that before selecting this procedure, you should ask your doctor about the potential risks and benefits.

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