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Back pain is one of the most common problems after & during pregnancy. A mother feels too much worry about postpartum back pain as this pain may stay for 6 months to a few years & create everyday problems for her. Here in this section, we will elucidate about back pain after pregnancy.

Back pain can happen due to a number of reasons, including lifting, walking, and over-exercise. Special attention is needed for this. However, there are different options available to treat this but all this will depend upon the severity of the pain. If you’re facing this problem again-and-again, then it’s advisable to visit your doctor.

Physiotherapy can be a one-stop solution when it comes to back pain. It’s very helpful to achieve better health conditions. It works better to improve movement & function efficiently. Your physical therapy specialist may suggest specific exercises for back pain which may do wonder for you. 

Your doctor may suggest what exercise you should perform after the delivery & during the pregnancy. Today, there are two types of physical therapy, so-called passive & active where passive physical therapy involves heat & cold application, as well as electrical stimulation. While active physical therapy primarily focused on stretching and exercises. Physiotherapy is considered effective & result-oriented for back pain during pregnancy

What Is Postpartum Back Pain (Back Pain After Pregnancy )?

A woman faces a number of changes in their body during & after pregnancy. These changes mainly occur in the musculoskeletal system of the body and remain for a longer period of time. In this span of time, a woman undergoes trauma that may result in discomfort in the joints, tissues, and pelvic bones. 

All of this may cause lower back pain & other health problems. Moreover, postpartum back pain may be caused by the types of delivery, whether it’s vaginal or cesarean sections. Not only, lower back pain restrict faster recovery but also promote difficulty in moving or sitting. Women may experience severe ache, stiffness, and soreness in the lower backside if it occurs.

Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy & After It

The release of a few specific hormones may cause of back pain during pregnancy. These hormones include estrogen and progesterone. These hormones may cause relaxation during pregnancy. It’s also worth noting this process / or recovery of joints takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to stabilize. Sometimes sudden decrease of the hormones may cause tiredness, activity intolerance, and pain in the lower part of the back. 

  • A woman passes through a series of physical changes which may cause lower back pain just after the second trimester.
  • Sometimes, increased weight may also cause lower back pain. In this period of time, her muscles & knees bear add-on weight. It may also influence the lower back muscles.
  • If we throw light on other reasons, we find that the expansion of the uterus during the pregnancy may also cause lower back. During this, there are always chances of having a strain on the lower abdominal muscles & lower back.
  • Many times normal delivery may also cause back pain. Because while pushing the baby out, many of her muscles get stressed out.
  • The lifestyle changes, sleepless nights & lifting a baby, again and again, may also cause back pain.
  • Here it’s also worth noting the wrong posture can also put stress on lower back muscles which may cause lower back pain if a woman is doing too much hard work during this period then the possibility of back pain increases.

How Long Does Back Pain Last After Delivery?

It’s interesting to know that bodily functions get normal, but the back pain doesn’t go easily after delivery. A Woman always feels postpartum back pain even after normal delivery. It might be possible that it may take 6 months to fully recover. In this course of time, the body tries to regain normal strength. It tries to bring back joints, muscles or ligaments to normal positions.

If you are under strenuous physical activities, then there are chances that it may take almost one year to recover.

Lower Back Pain Treatment After Delivery

Suppose you are experiencing lower back pain even after the normal delivery. Then there are different pain treatment options available for you. But before adopting anyone, you need to consult this with your doctor. He/She may suggest a number of exercises that are considered more effective to treat lower back pain. Exercises are known for lowering the stress on strained muscles and ligaments.

You may perform yoga and other stretching exercises to get better results. This will further help you a lot and can increase your flexibility & endurance. 

In case you have C-section delivery, then you should opt for walking as the best exercise. The pelvic tilt, Side plank, Bridge, Baby lift squats, etc. are a few result-oriented exercises. It’s interesting to note that 20-30 minutes of exercise can work better to relax your body & mind.

Good posture always drives better results.

Physical therapy opens the door to a healthy life. It’s a perfect blend of the postural modifications, strengthening, and stretching exercises. Appropriated physical therapy treatment can be helpful for the strengthening of soft tissues and muscles.

In the above section, we have learned about back pain after pregnancy and its possible solutions in physiotherapy. Now let’s try to find out where we can get the best back pain treatment.

How Anodyne Spine Can Help in Back Pain

We are one of the most reputed physiotherapy clinics in the Delhi/NCR region. Our team of physical therapists & chiropractic care can help you if you are suffering from leg, neck, or lower back pain during pregnancy. We offer world-class treatment & advanced physical therapy practice to provide early recovery. All this makes us a leading destination for back pain treatment in South Delhi.

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