Why do your muscles cramp when you Run


If you’re an athlete, sportsperson, or a runner who is planning to start a run, then while running, you may experience the muscle cramps which certainly can halt running. Basically, muscle cramps are a condition that can reduce the normal functioning of muscles, or it’s an involuntary and painful contraction of muscles. In this section, we’ll introduce a few points about muscle cramps while running.

If these cramps are not treated properly, then it may cause serious problems, and in general, you may feel difficulty in running. Physiotherapy is quite beneficial to treat the muscle spasms by different ways of treatment. And this can be helpful in decreasing the tension in the muscle. 

Causes For Muscle Cramps

Basically, the exact cause of muscle cramps is not known. However, there are several causes that are considered for muscle cramps – and these causes include muscle strain, low levels of minerals, low blood volume, dehydration, etc. Furthermore, abdominal stitches, calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps could be other causes for muscle cramps.

Risk factors for muscle cramp

As we have discussed, a muscle cramp is generally referred to as an uncontrollable and painful muscle spasm, which can occur for any of the reasons mentioned above. However, there are certain risk factors associated with this. These risk factors are 

  • Inadequate diet
  • Lack of blood supply
  • Tight and rigid muscles which are not flexible
  • Injury and fatigue of the muscle
  • Dehydration problem etc.

However, Atherosclerosis and Sciatica may also increase the chance of muscle cramps. In such conditions, arteries are narrowed due to the formation of fatty plaques. In such a situation, the blood supply becomes inadequate, and the cramps chances are more. While in the case of Sciatica, pressure builds up in the lower back, which may prompt the cramps. In some other cases, drugs can play a major role in the cramping, as these drugs can imbalance the minerals of the body. 

Treatment of Muscle Cramps

Physiotherapy is a good option for the treatment of muscle cramps. The physiotherapist can provide you nutritional advice, education and can tell you the exercises which could be beneficial for early recovery. Besides all this, joint mobilization, myofascial release, stretch, and massage can be advantageous to deal with muscle cramps. 

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