What Are Joint Manipulation Techniques And Its Benefits?


Physiotherapy, in itself is one of the finest ways to treat various health concerns, mainly injury, joints dysfunction, neck, back, shoulder, and arm pain. Here, in this section, we will discuss a little bit – What are joint manipulation techniques and its benefits? This will shed light on how joint manipulation can be helpful for patients who are willing to take physiotherapy services.

Joint manipulation has shown its impact – as it’s quite beneficial in providing relief from musculoskeletal pain. And speed up the recovery process from the acute back sprains. Meanwhile, it’s excellent in restoring the normal range of motion. Joint Manipulation is a kind of manual therapy, where the physical therapist uses his hands to perform joint manipulation. In joint manipulation, a quick, sudden but small force is applied to the joint, in order to get relief from the pain and restore mobility. It’s somehow different from joint mobilization.

When we talk about physiotherapy, we should know that it’s classified under mainly four types of physical therapy Geriatric physical therapy, sports physical therapy, orthopedic physiotherapy, and pediatric physical therapy. And in every type of physiotherapy, joint manipulation has its own significance. In sports, athletes suffer a lot with joint dislocation and dysfunction. The physical therapist performs necessary tests and examinations before going with joint manipulation.

In recent years the popularity of the joint manipulation technique has increased to a great extent, with the growth of the physiotherapy profession. 

Benefits of Joint Manipulation Therapy

As we have discussed a brief about joint manipulation, now we will discuss the benefits of joint manipulation techniques. The clinical effects of this technique have been proven, and it left a positive impact on the life of the patients. It helped them to achieve early recovery from the injuries.

Benefits of Joint Manipulation Techniques

There are several benefits associated with this technique, people are benefited after taking the advantages of Joint manipulation. But here, before discussing the merits, we should have a quick look at the cause of joint dysfunction.

The prime reason for joint dysfunction is either underuse or overuse. Both cause musculoskeletal pain. Tendons get injured after the overuse of the joints. Natural joint dysfunction is another reason where people face problems. During this, the joints get deteriorated with the passage of time and cause pain as well as inconvenience. In such cases, joint manipulation therapy is quite beneficial to recover from natural dysfunction. Now let’s talk about the trauma, which occurred through the accident, injury. And all these problems can be easily treated with the help of a joint manipulation technique. If you are facing joint dysfunction problems, just visit your doctor for consultation and treatment.

Now here, let have a close look at the benefits of joint manipulation:

  • It’s beneficial in providing relief from musculoskeletal pain.
  • It’s amazing, in the context of speed up recovery.
  • It helps to increase the range of motion.
  • As it’s reliable therapy if taken under the supervision of a recognized & experienced physiotherapist.
  • It removes the blockages and allows unrestricted movement.

How Does Joint Manipulation / Spinal Manipulation Therapy Works?

As we have discussed, joint manipulation is a kind of manual therapy where a medical practitioner uses his hands in a controlled manner so as to perform the joint manipulation technique. He applies a sudden force on the specific joint where a popping noise appears. But, before doing all this, physical therapists do the necessary tests and examinations to ensure whether it would be better to go with joint manipulation or with other techniques.

After the examination, your physiotherapist will ask you to lie on the table or will allow you to sit in a relaxed manner. He gently checks the affected area and will apply pressure accordingly through the hands, in order to manipulate the joint. Here it’s worth noted that this pressure will realign, and stretch to the muscles, tissues, and joint capsules. Today, it’s a wonderful physiotherapy practice to treat the joints and related injuries. Spinal manipulation therapy, on the other hand, is the combination of massage, exercise, and physical therapy that deals with the spine. It’s also a kind of manual therapy that is accomplished by the use of hands. The physiotherapy practitioner applies gentle pressure on the joints, in order to provide relief from pain and to improve the never function. Mostly, it’s associated with the treatment of the neck, shoulder, and headache pain.

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