Sciatica Pain Treatment


Sciatic pain generally affects one side of your body, while radiating along the sciatic nerve. In the context of sciatica pain treatment physiotherapy may be a good choice. Here in this section, we will explain different aspects of sciatica pain, causes, and treatment.

Sciatica mainly happens if bone spur on the Spine. This may lead to several problems such as pain, inflammation, or numbness on the affected leg. The intensity of the pain could be severe; however, in most cases, it could be treated by a non-operative treatment plan and takes a few weeks to recover. People may experience significant weakness and numbness, or sometimes surgery can be required.

In physiotherapy, the physical therapy specialist suggests some sort of exercise, conduct treatment plan and medication according to necessity. This provides relief to patients suffering from sciatic pain.

Symptoms of Sciatica Pain

If you experience the pain that radiates from the lumbar section of the Spine to the buttock and further backside of your leg, then there could be chances of Sciatica. This pain can vary and could be from mild to severe, with a burning sensation, excruciating pain. However, the patients may feel like an electric shock or may feel worse effects whenever you cough or sit for a longer duration of time. In Sciatica, one side of the body gets affected. Some patients say that they experience muscle weakness, tingling, and numbness.

Causes of Sciatica Pain

The main cause of Sciatica pain is pinching of the sciatic nerve and by an overgrowth of bone. Sometimes Sciatica occurs when a nerve gets compressed by the tumour.

Risk Factors Associated With Sciatica

There are a few risk factors that are linked with the Sciatica, and this includes the following:


There are always changes occurring when the age increases, such as bone spur, herniated disks, etc. And this may be the cause of Sciatica.


If the weight increases, then there could be chances of having stress on your Spine, which can lead to Sciatica.


Besides the above reasons, occupation can be another cause of Sciatica. In few occupations where heavy loads, twisting of the back or driving motor vehicles for longer duration occur, then it can be the cause of Sciatica.

Sitting of longer duration: 

The people who live a sedentary lifestyle or having the habit of sitting for prolonged periods can have chances of Sciatica as compared to the active people.


This disease can be one of the major causes of nerve damage, and the risk of sciatica increases.

Sciatica Pain Treatment in Delhi

There are several ways of sciatica pain treatment, including – supportive care, medication, treatment, and therapies. In supportive care, ice packs and monitoring of medical conditions are the main sections. While in medication, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesic, muscle relaxant, steroids, and nerve pain medication are provided. Now in the case of therapy chiropractic treatment technique, acupuncture, exercises, massage, and stretching occurs. 

Anodyne Spine is one of the finest clinics for sciatica pain treatment in South Delhi. We are equipped with an ultra-modern facility as well as experienced physiotherapy specialists and chiropractic care specialists. We treat sciatica pain in a good way so as to provide early recovery from the pain.

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