5 Easy Ways to Manage Pain in Summer


Summer season can be difficult for those who have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. As the humidity and heat impact body pains in summer to a greater extent. Our joints contain very sensitive nerves that are continuously affected by the changing weather conditions. Here we will explain the 5 easy ways to manage pain in summers.

There are a few important points that we should keep in mind that in this season, extreme heat, humidity, sweating, and exertion are common.  And changing weather conditions can influence the level of fluid that can fill your joints, which further can result in pain and inflammation.

Furthermore, these fluids have efficacy to affect the stiffness as well as the laxity of ligaments and muscles. Suppose you are looking for the best physiotherapist in South Delhi for treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis conditions. In case of severe body aches, physiotherapists could be helpful for you.

Best Ways to Manage Pain

Now let’s have a quick view of the best ways which can be pretty much helpful to save you from the body pains in summer.

Drink Plenty Of Water 

During the summer season water, a deficiency is common, as the summer heats have the potential to remove necessary fluids. Therefore, it’s important to drink plenty of water and try to avoid coffee, alcohol, and dehydration promoting items. In addition, our body requires water in order to carry out a few enzymatic activities. In the case of dehydration, energy drops suddenly, and in order to get rid of the fatigue, drinking water is necessary. If you drink too much water, then it can prevent the cramps as well as ease the joint pains. Furthermore, it’s quite effective to protect from the kidney stone issue.

Limited exercise

Here it’s worth important that people who are suffering from chronic pain should perform the exercise within limits.  It’s also a fact that overexertion is also a cause of the pain. As it’s advisable that we should perform the exercise as possible indoors, or just try to do it as early in the morning. 

Keep the Pain Triggering Foods Away

Here, you should keep certain foods that have caffeine, excessive salt, and salts as these foods can impact on your health, and more in the case of the migraines. In the summer season, the impact can increase a lot. Therefore it’s recommended that we should take lemon, cucumber, coconut water, mint, green leafy vegetables, onions etc.

Keep Pain Medications Continue

If you have chronic pain or severe body aches, and you’re taking the medication regularly as prescribed by your doctor. Then you shouldn’t skip the regular pain medicine even in the summer season.

Consult with the Doctor – In case you’re facing the pain continuously, then you should plan a visit to the doctor. He can suggest what to do and don’t, and also, after examining, he can continue treatment.

Anodyne Spine Clinic For Physiotherapy

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