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Why Does My Lower Back and Hip Hurt?

Why Does My Lower Back and Hip Hurt?

Worldwide, so many people are suffering from lower back & hip pain. Approximately 70 percent of adults have lower back pain. It’s also observed that pain in the lower back may also become a reason for having the pain in the hip & Vice-versa. This pain can vary from mild to severe, where it can impact the quality of life.

It’s also interesting to know that the lower back & hip share common muscles. If any problem occurs in any muscles, then it may lead to an impact on the other surrounding muscles.

In the context of pain related to lower back and pain, it’s important to discuss Physiotherapy as it has become the top choice of people to prefer physiotherapy instead of other ways of treatment. It’s growing day by day and providing effective ways of treatments to different kinds of health concerns, including spine related problems. As we know, physiotherapy doesn’t involve operational or medicinal treatment; instead of this, it includes therapy and exercises. We are one of the finest physiotherapy clinics in India that is known for its world-class treatment.

There are a number of ways for the treatment of lower back & hip pain. Your physiotherapy specialist may help you a lot to deal with these pains. He may suggest a set of exercises for eradicating the problem. Furthermore, he /she can go for different types of therapy. For the treatment of the hip pain, joint and soft tissue mobilization/manipulation can do wonder. 

Causes of Pain in Lower Back & Hip – A Quick Introduction

As we have talked a little bit about lower back pain and hip pain relationships. Both can impact each other.

However, it’s not absolutely necessary. Sometimes, there could be other reasons for hip pain. Sciatica, Slipped Disc, Hip fracture, Arthritis, and Hip tendinitis are the major cause of hip pain. 

In addition, causes of lower back pain include – muscle strains, sprains, pinched nerves due to Arthritis, stress, sports, obesity, and repetitive movement. In addition, a Herniated disk is another big reason for lower back pain.

Causes of Hip Pain

Let’s have a quick overview of the causes of hip pain.


Inflammatory Arthritis is one of the most common causes of hip pain. The patient may experience pain and stiffness in the hip. Also, there are possibilities of aching pain in the groin, buttock, and knee. It’s also worth noting that there could be chances of having loss of appetite.


Sciatica may also cause hip pain, where this can impact the hips and buttock region as well as spread down to the leg.

Bone Fracture

Hip fracture is very critical as it may lead to severe complications. It mainly occurs in the upper quarter of the thigh bone, which is close to the hip joint. When this occurs, the patient will not be able to move due to severe hip & groin pain. Depending upon the severity of the injury, it can be treated by the help of surgery and physiotherapy.

Pain in One Side of Lower Back and Hip

There are chances of feeling a sharp pain in one side of the lower back and hip. One side may be impacted due to the following reasons including -joint dysfunction, nerve compression and muscle spasms.

Piriformis Syndrome

It’s a condition when the spasm of the piriformis muscle may cause pain in the hip, buttock and lower back parts. The pain may extend to the back of the thigh. There are chances of having numbness, tingling, and pain. And all this may cause sitting inability. The overactivity of hip rotator muscles is the reason for Piriformis syndrome. An injury to the buttock region may also be the cause of pain.

Sacroiliac joints may also have stabbing and sharp pain that can be experienced to the lower back, hip and buttock parts. Meanwhile, it’s expected that pain may increase/intensify while standing or climbing stairs. Sacroiliac joint pain can also occur on both sides of the lower back and hip.

Stiffness in Lower Back and Hip

Stiffness has its own significance where it may reduce the functionality of the back, hip, and leg. Patients may experience a feeling of stiffness & pain together. Strained hamstrings and osteoarthritis of the hip can cause stiffness and pain.

Strained hamstrings

Strain injury may cause the tightness in your hamstrings that may also change the biomechanics of your spine. The tightness of the hamstrings may impact the curvature mainly in the lower side of the spine. 

Osteoarthritis of the hip

Hip osteoarthritis is an age-related problem due to that there are chances of having lower back pain & stiffness in the hip. This stiffness causes restriction of the range of motion, and hip incline in the forward direction. Inward curvature of the lower spine can also occur in this problem. 

If you have pain and/or stiffness in your hip and lower back, then you should contact your doctor for treatment. Sometimes this problem cannot be dealt with by self-care. You were resulting in impacting your daily activities & work. The doctor/physical therapist will examine & will conduct perfect treatment. 

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