Sciatica is one of the most common problems these days causing pain to radiate along the path of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica nerves become pinched due to overgrowth of bone on your vertebrae & certain other reasons.

Anodyne Spine Clinic helps you to get early relief by its world-class Sciatica Treatment. Our modern physiotherapy approach makes us a BEST PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC IN DELHI NCR.

Sciatica nerves arise from either side of the lower spine and pass through the hips and buttocks and divide at the knee into the branches and go to the feet. Patients can feel feelings of weakness, tingling, and numbness. Our team has the best sciatica physiotherapist in Delhi NCR having great experience in spine-related problems & Sciatica Treatment. We strive to deliver the best services to our patients so that they could get “sciatica relief” as early as possible.

We review the medical history of the patients and check the symptoms. We do the physical examination – and check the strength of calf muscles, the spine carries weight. , and back and leg tests. In addition, we check the flexibility and strength and pinpoint the affected nerves.

Depending on the patient’s condition we also take advantage of the modern diagnosis and test procedures/technology.

X-rays:- To check the spinal fractures, disk problems, infections, tumors and bone spurs.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) :- Scans the bones and soft tissues, and checks the pressure on the nerve.

Electromyography:- It’s useful for examining the electrical impulses traveling through the sciatic nerve and the response of muscles.

Since inception, we have been treating people in spine-related problems and always try to keep their happiness on top-priority. The recovery rate is far beyond expectations. If you are experiencing Sciatica pain for a long period of time – and looking for a “sciatica specialist doctor near me”, then you can contact us for excellent outcomes within the quickest span of time. We have the best doctor for sciatica in India offering the finest service for Sciatica Pain.

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is a medical condition that can lead to severe pain in the body.

Slipped or Herniated Disk:- Slipped disk can cause pressure on a nerve root which can be one of the reasons for Sciatica. Disks are the cushioning pads between each vertebra that helps in absorbing shocks. Whenever pressure increases it can cause the gel-like center of the disc to bulge out.

Degenerative Disk Disease:- Spinal stenosis can also be one of the reasons for sciatica where it can cause narrowing of nerves. Spinal stenosis causes the pinch of sciatic nerve roots. It’s the abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal.

Spondylolisthesis:- It’s the slippage of one vertebra out of the line where it can narrow the opening through the nerve.

Osteoarthritis:- It’s also another big reason for the Sciatica where it can compress the lower back nerves.

Piriformis syndrome:- This problem arises after the tightening of piriformis muscles. It’s a kind of neuromuscular disorder.

Cauda equina syndrome:- This can also cause sciatica as it can affect the bundle of nerves at the end of the spinal cord. Due to this – people can feel the numbness in the leg and around the anus.

Sciatica Symptoms

  • You can experience the following symptoms of Sciatica that will help you a lot to deal with sciatica.
  • Severe pain in the low back and legs
  • Weakness, numbness and tingling or electric shock-like pain in the leg.
  • Pain could be severe in the lower back, buttock and in leg
  • Restricted movement due to pain
  • Pins and needles feeling in toes, legs and feet
  • Pain is like sharp or shooting.
  • Pain may feel worse if you sit or stand for long periods of time.

Physical Therapy and Sciatica Exercises

Our certified Physiotherapy Specialists and chiropractors help you to recover from Sciatica as early as possible. We provide you with the Sciatica Exercise Program, manual therapy and rehabilitation to get recover from the pain of Sciatica. Our physical therapists have great exposure to provide better treatment for Sciatica. We are known for the best sciatica treatment in Delhi.

Our goal of therapy and exercises is in treating sciatica signs and symptoms. We use the following way for the treatment of Sciatica. & others as per the Sciatica Conditions & necessity. We provide you better pre and post-treatment care through our best physiotherapy for sciatica service.

  • Extension and Flexion Back Exercises
  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Joint mobilization
  • Joint manipulation
  • Dry needling
  • Functional retraining

Anodyne Spine Clinic – Best Sciatica Treatment in Delhi

Anodyne Spine Clinic is the BEST physiotherapy clinic in Delhi & NCR region. Our spinal physiotherapy helps you to recover from different kinds of health problems including- Spine Related Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, disc bulge, sports injuries, and Shoulder Pain. Our Physical Therapy and exercise help you a lot in treating and preventing Sciatica Issues. We can help you by strengthening and soft tissues mobilizing in the lower back, pelvis, abdomen, and buttocks.

If you’re experiencing Sciatica Pain for a long time then Get in touch with us for Sciatica Treatment. We will help you surely.

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