Rotate Cuff Tears Causes & It's Treatment

Rotate Cuff Tears Causes & It’s Treatment


Rotate Cuff Tears are the leading cause of shoulder pain and shoulder related disability. By the age of 50 10% of people with normal shoulders have a rotator cuff tear.
Caused by degenerative changes, repetitive micro-traumas, severe traumatic injuries, secondary dysfunctions, athletic injuries.
Individuals may suffer from severe pain, pain at night and with overhead activities, painful arc, weakness of the , shoulder stiffness, difficulty in sleeping particularly on the side, difficulty in performing activities of daily living.
We at ANODYNE SPINE CLINIC treat the ROTATOR CUFF TEARS with proper guidelines. Using flexibility and strengthening exercises of shoulder and surrounding muscles. Restoring normal scapulohumeral rhythm and joint arthrokinematics , improving stability and balance.

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