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Getting Back Pain While Working from Home

back pain while working from home

Work from home has become normal after the novel coronavirus attack. Because of this pandemic, the lockdown was imposed several times across the different parts of the world. No choice was left in the strategic arsenal of companies except work from home. In this section, we will try to explore the best ways to deal with back pain while working from home. In the later part, we will also take note of the importance of spine care.

Coronavirus has impacted the world severely and forced companies to allow work from home. However, it’s advantageous but also has many drawbacks. People who were working from home have complained about various health problems, including isolation, anxiety, stress, pressure, depression, mental fatigue, back pain, etc. All this emerges due to spending more time to accomplish the work. 

Here you can’t ignore the importance of spine care; you should learn how to keep Spine in a healthy state so that you could avoid such worrisome problems. Physiotherapists may tell you – what you should do or don’t while working at home. They may suggest better positions & home exercises ensure your wellness.

Even before this pandemic, employees were doing WFH, but the number was less. Now, the number has gone beyond expectations, and maximum people are working from home. If you are facing aches and pains while working from home, then it’s a point to ponder what could be the best possible solution to deal with such situations, if we are working from home. 

You need to adopt several best practices to avoid problems like back pain, and work pressure. Whenever you work at home, you don’t have accessories, computer workstations, furnishing as you find at the workplace. Sometimes you aren’t in the right posture, which may lead to pain in your back. For a short period of time, these things don’t matter, but if all this remains from weeks to months, then it’s alarming.

So what should you do to avoid such bad effects of Work From Home? The good solution is that you should work in a healthy position, instead of your body part bent or twisted in a bad position. You should keep moving periodically in order to promote circulation. How you can attain better health in work from home situations, an experienced physiotherapist for back pain in South Delhi, may guide you well if you suffer continuously with the back pain problem.

Best Tips to Avoid Back Pain While Working From Home

In this section, we will go through the important points which could be beneficial to provide comfort from the back, neck pain, and other problems, if you’re working from home. Let’s try to understand what could be the best ways to get rid of the back pain while working from home.

  • Sit with Straight Neck To View Computer

It’s an important point while working on the computer. You should keep your computer screen in a comfortable viewing height; you should not try to look down. Meanwhile, putting your screen on an angle is not a good way. If you’re using a laptop, then you should keep your laptop in the appropriate position either by putting on a pile of books or try something else which could provide better height. This will give you a comfortable viewing position. And will not cause neck pain. 

In addition, you should also put your mouse, keyboard, or other accessories at a good height so that you could use them easily. You should ensure that while using these things, your hands level and in a straight position.

  • Sit Straight in Your Chair

An appropriate sitting position is don’t put pressure on the Spine or on your back. So for this, you need to understand that the lower side of your back is mainly toward your belly—this a relaxed position, which is beneficial for putting the least pressure on intervertebral discs. In case you lean in a forward direction, this may cause kyphosis. This is basically a condition where the lumbar Spine bends toward out. This may cause lower back pain. So, it’s advisable that you should sit on a chair in a perfect way so that your natural lordotic curve couldn’t be impacted adversely. 

The main point you should note down while sitting on the chair is that your body weight must be supported by the chair back, and you could use the mouse and keyboard without any hassle. If you don’t have an appropriate chair, then you can use an alternative for this. Just use a cushion for this, or try a rolled towel.

  • Back Pain Relief Exercise

The Physical therapist can suggest an excellent range of exercises that may help you feel better and stronger. These home workouts for back pain could be pretty much effective if you can’t go to the gym, or outside your home. Back pain exercises at home will improve posture, hip stability, strengthen your lower abdominal muscles. The following exercises can be good for back pain – Partial Crunches, Hamstring Stretches, Press Back Up Extension, Wall Sits, Knee to Chest, Glute Bridges, etc.

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  • Avoid Prolonged Standing

If it stands for a longer duration, then it may cause risks of varicose veins. It would be better to take a walk, stretch, and move after every 20-30 minutes. This will promote blood circulation and relax the muscles.

Importance of Spine Care

The spinal cord is essential for us, as it controls many of the body’s functions. It functions as the bridge for the communication between the brain and the body. In case malfunctioning or damage of the spinal cord, it may interrupt the exchange of information. So, we must take care of our spinal cord. Meanwhile, the importance of spine care can be explained by its controlling of voluntary and involuntary movement. It controls the speech, blinking, breathing, walking, and many more functions of the body. 

If you have a spinal cord problem, you may suffer from several health concerns. Being a part of the central nervous system, it’s mandatory to keep it in a good state. A spinal cord specialist or an experienced physical therapist can tell you the best way to keep your spinal cord in a healthy state.

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