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Could your foot pain be caused by a problem in your spine?

foot pain causes

Foot pain can occur due to a number of reasons including Achilles tendinitis, bunions, bursitis, broken foot, an avulsion fracture. Here we will try to explain about foot pain causes & emphasize problems in the spine.

The spinal cord is an important part for us, which functions mainly in the transmission of nerve signals. Injury in the spinal cord can lead to severe problems including permanent loss of strength, along with pain in the neck, head or back. Sometimes, there could be a weakness, non-coordination, paralysis in different parts of the body including hands, fingers, feet or toe.

If we talk about the foot pain due to spinal cord infection, injury or damage. We must know that a series of nerves connect with your feet. The sciatic nerves, if compressed or damaged there could be chances of foot pain. There are most possible causes of compression of nerves in the knee, hip or foot. These nerves make a connection between the spinal cord and leg as well as to foot muscles.

There are different types of treatment options prevailing in the market. Physiotherapy can be an effective one to treat foot pain. If you are experiencing continuous foot pain then you may visit for physiotherapy treatment in south Delhi. Your foot pain can be mild to severe, and depending upon this your doctor may recommend what treatment should be done. Physiotherapy specialists for spine-related problems can provide you with an array of exercises and can implement robust physiotherapy approaches for early recovery from the foot pain caused by the spine.

Foot Pain Causes by Spinal Problem

Nerve root compression in the sacral or lumbar spine is one of the major causes of foot pain. Which further radiates down your leg and into the foot. There are several reasons how nerve roots get compressed, let’s discuss them one by one. Meanwhile, we will take a look at foot pain caused by spinal stenosis.

Lumbar Herniated Disc

In such a situation, the inner content of the intervertebral disc comes out of the disc. This is mainly due to the pressure on the spine. In this case, the outer ring may have bulging, cracking or tearing.

Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease

This another big reason for foot pain, where it causes narrowing and shrinkage of the disc. This is an age-related problem in the lumbar spine, the spine disc may have wear and tear. These discs are further helpful in absorbing pressure which puts on the spine. In some cases, nerve problems can occur in feet, as nerve pain radiates into the feet.


This problem may impact the lower vertebrae. In this condition, a compressed or irritated nerve may cause foot pain. In the sciatica case, the pain radiates to the foot. Here it’s worth important to know that the Spondylolisthesis is one of the causes of numbness in the foot as well as muscle weakness. In severe cases, there could be chances of surgery for the treatment of Spondylolisthesis.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

This condition refers to the narrowing of the spinal cord / spinal nerve. Mainly this condition emerges at the age of 60 or more. If put a cursory glance over the symptoms of the lumbar spinal stenosis, we find cramping occurs in legs during walking or standing for a long duration. In the context of foot pain caused by spinal stenosis, different treatment options including physiotherapy, injections, and surgery are available.

In addition to above-mentioned foot pain causes, we would like to describe a little bit about the compression of nerves in the lower parts of the body including – hip, knee, or leg. Peroneal neuropathy, Sciatica neuropathy, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, and Sural nerve entrapment are the most common problems associated with foot pain. In the case of Peroneal neuropathy, the nerve near the knee gets injured or compressed, while in Sciatic neuropathy the sciatic nerve gets damaged in the pelvic region. In the context of Tarsal tunnel syndrome, the tibial nerves do not function properly and may cause sharp and shooting pain in the inner ankle region. There could be chances of weakness and numbness.

Symptoms of Foot Pain Due to the Spine Problem

If there is a problem in the spine, then there could be maximum chances of having foot pain. Your leg may feel pain, weakness and numbness. And all this may occur due to the problem in the lumbar region of the spine. Let’s go through the symptoms of foot pain caused by the spine.

Difficulty in Walking

There will be walking problems due to the pain on the bottom side of the foot. Here sciatic nerve’s S1 spinal nerve root is involved which may affect the calf muscles. 

Foot Drop: In this condition, the L5 nerve root will produce pain. In such a situation, it would be difficult to raise the front part of the foot.  It’s not a disease but a sign of muscular and neurological problems.

Heel Walk

In such a condition, the patient would not be able to lift the foot upward, and there would be numbness in the lower leg. This problem is also associated with the sciatic nerve.

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