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Commonly Prescribed Exercise Ball Workouts for Back Pain

Exercise Ball Workouts for Back Pain

The exercise ball is an amazing product which is helpful for the people who are suffering from back pain. These are pretty much helpful for providing the spine movement. Altogether it’s perfect for nourishing the discs in the Spine. Whenever you perform this exercise, then it increases the blood flow around the disc. Let’s go through the different types of an exercise ball for back pain.

Physiotherapy is effective to treat injury, diseases and disorders by different types of approaches. It’s beneficial for restoring function, as well as for preventing further damage. In physiotherapy, the trained professionals help you to achieve early recovery from the injuries and disease.

Generally, the physical therapy specialist uses the hands, manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and makes you well aware of the different kinds of exercises and nutritional plans to treat different kinds of problems.

Here, it’s also important to note that the local gym or fitness centre can be a better place which can provide you with a certified exercise ball technique. Here you would be able to get appropriate information about the ball exercises. You will learn which exercise is effective for which purpose and impacts on the muscles. By doing this, you can achieve specific goals. While performing, you may experience different types of difficulties that will vary from person to person.

In case you get the injury, then it may be possible that your physical therapy specialist may provide you with exercise beginning with small and gentle movement.

Let’s first see how exercise ball can be helpful for reducing the pain effectively.

Benefits of Exercise Ball

  • These are effective for back pain, i.e. very simple and versatile.
  • These are helpful for improving the muscle strength, and provide greater flexibility as well as effective to provide the range of motion.
  • Moreover, this is superb for balancing and coordination for core muscles, and also effective for stabilizing the Spine.
  • Exercise Ball has a greater tendency for maintaining the spine position which is further helpful for reducing the stress on the low back
  • It’s further very good for general fitness and strength.

The chiropractor, physical therapists, occupational therapist and your doctor may advise you different types of exercises depending upon the problem you are experiencing. They diagnose, test and further can treat you well.

Now here we will discuss the best exercises for back pain.

Rock Back and Forth

Sit on the exercise ball while keeping the arms on the sides or on the hips. After getting the proper position just do pelvic tilt slowly-slowly. Meanwhile, you should pull the stomach muscle, and move hips slightly toward the flattened part, after getting the neutral position. Move hips in the backward way while making the arch small. Do all these repetitions around 10 times.

Rock Side-To-Side

In this type of exercise just shift the weight left and right direction, and while doing this, you should return to a neutral position. Do these repetitions around 10 times.


It works on the clockwise and anticlockwise motion where the 3 reception are just enough to attain the better results. But here it’s worth noting that start in the front / pelvic tilt position, and you should shift the weight in the circular motion.

Here it’s worth noting that besides the above-mentioned exercises there are certain other exercises such as spine rotation with exercise, and extension exercises which include the following – Lumbar extension, Bridge, Bridge with leg, Bridge with arm etc.

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