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Arthritis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

arthritis treatment in delhi

As age grows, arthritis becomes a common problem which may cause joint stiffness and muscle weakness. In order to treat arthritis health concerns, physiotherapy can be an effective way. Let’s have a quick look at the arthritis causes, symptoms, and treatments.

In fact, arthritis can occur between the age of 30-50, and this can impact your daily lifestyle and activities to a great extent. The physiotherapist can suggest various techniques and exercises to deal with the arthritis issue, so the joint could work properly. 

If we take a look at the worldwide statistics of arthritis, we find that around 9.7% of men and 18% of women have arthritis symptoms. And due to this, they are unable to perform their major daily activities. If we go in detail, we find that arthritis is referred to as around 200 rheumatoid diseases, which further can affect the joints. Anodyne Spine clinic provides arthritis treatment in south Delhi. 

Causes of Arthritis

Cartilage is a firm but very helpful in absorbing the pressure and protects the joints. If there is any problem with the cartilage, then it may cause arthritis.

Sometimes, normal wear and tear may be one reason to have osteoarthritis, which is a kind of arthritis. 

Here it’s worth noting that an infection or injury may lead to the breakdown of the cartilage due to this osteoarthritis can happen.

In case of autoimmune disorder, where the body’s immune system impacts tissues of the body mainly synovial tissue, which is the prime source of nourishing the cartilage and lubricates the joints.

Symptoms Of Arthritis

If you experience joint pain, stiffness and swelling then there could be chances of arthritis. Whenever you have arthritis, then your range of motion can decrease to a greater extent. There will be redness of the skin, and it will affect worse in the morning. 

Besides this, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, people may experience tiredness and loss of appetite. Here it’s worth noting that people may have anaemic, meaning the red blood cell count may decrease and there could be chances of the fever. Furthermore, the joint deformity may happen.

Arthritis Diagnosis

If you visit your doctor, he/She will perform the physical exam in order to check the fluid around the joints, and will also examine the range of motion. Here it’s worth noting that he may refer to the blood tests that will include the anti-CCP, RF, and ANA tests. Moreover, the physio may refer to X-ray, 

Arthritis Treatment

The prime objective of the arthritis is to control the pain and to minimize joint damage. Its main aim is to improve the function of bones as well as make life better. The arthritis treatment includes – medications, non-pharmacologic therapies, splints, physical therapy, and surgery which include joint replacement.

How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Physiotherapy can be pretty much effective to treat arthritis where the specialists find out the causes of arthritis and provide better solutions to treat arthritis. It helps in managing your pain through the use of better physical therapy practices.

There are several therapies, as well as activities that can drive good results in terms of arthritis. Occupational therapy, warm water therapy, and physical therapy are good ways to treat arthritis. Furthermore, Ice packs and heat packs are excellent ones to relax the tense and tired muscles.

Anodyne Spine Physiotherapy Clinic in South Delhi is known for its world-class facilities & physical therapy specialists. We provide you with better treatment, consultation and advice so as to get early recovery from arthritis.

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