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An overview of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

orthopaedic physical therapy

Physiotherapy has myriads of health benefits, and it’s effective for the treatment of injury, disease, and also for the disorders. Where it’s helpful for restoring the normal range of motion as well as providing recovery from the affected region. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy provides you with better treatment of injuries related to the skeletal system, muscles, joints and also from the ligaments.

Furthermore, physiotherapy helps to prevent the injury, and provide you with better health and fitness. The physical therapy specialist helps you to get early recovery from the injury and diseases. Different types of treatment approaches are used such as manual Therapy, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, manipulation, minimum energy techniques, acupuncture, dry Needling, muscle stretching, neurodynamics, balance exercises etc.

In physiotherapy, you learn to manage your body pain, where you’ll get the best way to deal with different types of injuries. 

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What is Orthopaedic Physiotherapy?

Today, across different parts of the world, orthopaedic physiotherapy is being used to treat the joints, muscles, ligaments and skeletal system problems. 

Here it should be noted that it includes the pre and post-rehabilitation of various parts such as for the knee, shoulders, and hip. The objective of orthopaedic physiotherapy is to provide relief from the pain, improve the flexibility, strength, and increase the range of motion. 

The following are the Orthopaedic conditions which will be covered in the treatment are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Spondylolisthesis, fracture rehabilitation, spondylolysis etc. Hip, shoulder, knee and foot/ ankle could be the affected region which might require surgical rehabilitation. The physiotherapy specialist will be highly skilled in prescribing the “best exercise”, that will depend on the types of injury and health problem.

Physio Treatments of Orthopaedic Conditions

Let’s discuss the different treatment techniques used while treating orthopaedic conditions. 

Manual Therapy

It’s the very first way of the treatment where joints or affected areas are examined carefully and effectively to reduce the pain as well as restore normal mobility. Various techniques such as mobilization, manipulation are used. During this physiotherapist use the hand for the best results to improve tissue extensibility. It’s further beneficial for reducing soft tissue swelling and inflammation.

Massage Techniques

This can be very beneficial as it uses hands-on treatment to manipulate soft tissue. Where this is applied to the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments etc, so as to reduce chronic pain. 

Interferential Therapy

In this type of treatment approach, the electrical current is delivered to affect the body part, by the use of 2 or 4 electrodes. This further produces the pins and needles effects, which will be helpful for reducing the pain, swelling and will increase the healing process.

Ultrasound Therapy

Among the list of the treatment approaches for the Orthopaedic Conditions, ultrasound therapy is another best way where ultrasound waves are used for treatment. An electrical machine is used for the generation of ultrasound waves, which are further transmitted through the gel. 

Now, it’s good for promoting circulation and reducing pain to the highest degree. In addition, it’s better for increasing the regeneration of the tissues and helpful for muscle relaxation. Moreover, it’s good for soft tissue injuries.

Dry Needling

This is another finest treatment approach where it’s adapted from the west and involves the needle insertion into the dysfunctional muscles. It works to heal the body through effective treatment through the trigger points. 


It’s basically the Chinese medicine technique where the fine needles are used for treating the problems. In the case of orthopaedic physiotherapy, this is used for reducing the pain as well as normalizing the movement.


It’s further another effective method where it supports joints/ and aligns them by tapping. This further will facilitate the normal range of motion as well as reduce the pain in the case of orthopaedic physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Exercise

Physiotherapy is very beneficial for strengthening your muscles as well as for improving the functions. Physiotherapy exercises will solve the problem to a greater extent where it can prevent further injury along with pain. The physiotherapist will suggest you the best exercises according to the injury – for knee, shoulders, legs, arms, neck etc. This may include the yoga session as well as exercises. If we make a note on the essential exercises for physiotherapy, we find that muscle stretching, core exercises, neurodynamics, balance exercises, swiss ball exercises etc. are a few examples of the physiotherapy exercises which may be helpful to reduce the pain and injury. Besides the above-mentioned exercises, there are more than 1000 exercises which may drive good outcomes.

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