9 Ergonomic Tips for Synchronizing Your Workstation and Office Chair

9 Ergonomic Tips for Synchronizing Your Workstation and Office Chair

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It’s absolutely essential to take care of your spine if you’ve a sitting job. If you’re working hourly in a poor sitting posture, then it can severely affect your spine. With the passage of time, there could be chances of damage to the spinal structure that may cause neck and back pain. In this section, we will explore the ergonomic tips which will ensure the health of your spine. 

Physiotherapy is very helpful for treating your spine problems effectively. The spine is very flexible and beneficial for supporting the head, shoulders and upper body. If you are experiencing spinal pain, then it’s important to see a doctor immediately. After examining your condition, he may recommend what treatment you need. There can be several symptoms including – pain, weakness, numbness, swelling, redness or unintentional weight loss. 

Now here we will keep our focus on different types of tips while you are working in a sitting position.

Adopt Perfect Position of Upper Arms

If you are working while sitting at your desk, then you should adopt the correct posture. It’s necessary to keep your upper arms parallel to the spine and your forearms and hands in a rest position on the work surface. In case you observe that your elbows are not at 90 degrees of angle, then you should make your chair’s adjustments accordingly. You may raise it higher or lower as per your necessity. If your arms are at a higher or lower position, then it can put extra stress on shoulders which may result in pain.

Keep your chair level for supporting the movement of sit-to-stand

If you want to get up & your seat is too low. Then it may lead to a bad impact because it will increase stress on knees, hips and on ankle joints. If it continues for a longer duration, then it will produce the stress and pain in joints. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the seat height at an appropriate level so that you could bend your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle.

Work Surface Support

Here, it’s also very important to note that if your work surface is not at an appropriate height, and you need to bend forward constantly for different tasks. In such a situation, you should raise your chair to a more comfortable position / suitable height. This will be pretty much helpful to reduce the strain on the back.

Keep Your Feet Supported

It’s also possible that your desk or chair doesn’t meet the appropriate height and also no chance for adjustment. In this condition, you need to keep the footstool for proper positioning instead of hanging feet. It will be helpful to decrease foot pain by reducing the pressure on legs and feet.

Seat Depth Matters

Now it’s time to consider the seat depth where you need to make proper space adjustments. In such situations, you need to insert a cushion, pillow, rolled-up towel so that it could support your lower back.

Adjust Back Support

You should opt for the chairs which provide lower back support. It will reduce the lower back pain to a greater degree.

Keep Your Sitting Posture Correct

A perfect sitting position will always be helpful to protect against the back of the chair. It will reduce the extra stress on lumbar discs. If you follow the correct posture while sitting, then it will lead to better spine health. It will be great to take around every 30 minutes or an hour.

Height of Your Computer Screen

After adjusting the height of your chair and table, it’s time to check the height of your monitor. This will produce a better effect and will not impact on your eyes. In order to achieve a good height, it’s necessary to keep it on a stack of books.

Keep Armrest on Better Position To Reduce Shoulder Strain

Here it’s worth it to keep your armrest at the proper point so that it could not impact badly over the shoulders. Ergonomists or physiotherapy specialists can tell you about a better position while doing an ergonomic session.

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